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He Man Homage


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1 hour ago, smnolimits43 said:

Would he have a broad sword or Titan Weapons ??


Whichever one it is, he has to be able to pull it out of his loincloth without it getting entangled with the grappling hook he keeps in there as well ... you know... with the rest of his junk.


2 hours ago, smnolimits43 said:

Would He Man be a scrapper or a Tank ??


I don't know, but I think he would have to be defense based. He is always knocking stuff out of the air with his sword and jumping out of the way ... if I recall correctly.

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Ignore (in the forums) and /ignore (in-game) are tools to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using them.

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I would say Broadsword if based off  the old HM as he holds it in one hand usual. New He-Man looks more TW.  Invuln or Shield as secondary. Scrapper or Tanker would work, although i would probably side with Tanker. Maybe do He-Man as a Tanker and She-Ra as a Scrapper lol.

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