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can you macro a costume change (and effect)with a skill?


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1 hour ago, honoroit said:

can you macro a costume change (and change effect) with a skill?

If you're talking about having an icon that, when clicked, activates a power and changes your costume, then yes you can.  Try something like this:


/macro Cos2 "powexecname fly$$cc 1"


The above will create an icon labeled "Co2", which changes to the costume in your second slot, (your first costume is slot 0), then toggles the fly power.  Just be aware that there is a roughly 15 second cooldown before you can switch costumes, so you can't really have a character fire off each attack in a chain with a different costume on...

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18 minutes ago, biostem said:

/macro Cos2 "powexecname fly$$cc 1"


This will work for the cc (costume change) slash command. However, if the Honoroit wants to use the CCE (costume change emote) slash command, it depends on what power is associated with CCE. Some powers won't let the costume change emote activate, or other powers will be interrupted by the emote.


Using the example of Biostem, the following macro 2won't work properly:

/macro Cos2 "powexecname fly$$cce 1 cclightning"


The costume change emote will be cancelled by the fly power activating. I believe you will change costumes, but not have the lightning emote activate.


Using the CCE slash command with turning off a toggle power usually has no issues (fly and hover are two exceptions, i think).

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This doesn't really belong in Guides, IMVHO, but...


A macro can't do it, but a press/release bind might:


/bind EQUALS "+$$fly$$ccemote 1 Nuke"


That activates once on keypress and once on key release, and can get around many multi-command limitations. But it won't work in a macro.

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