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What's your practical max file size %?

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When the homecoming devs setup architect, they generously expanded the file size to what 'feels" like about 4x the size of live. I say that because on live I had a few that were pushing the limits that were around 25% on Homecoming.


With all that extra freedom, I'd love to use that space, but practically, I can't. If it gets too large, opening the file disconnects me. It seems like the game stops pinging the map server while trying to open the file.


So my max is somewhere around 41 or 42% I think.


I'm currently working on an arc with loads of customs. My workaround is to manually move extra customs into a holding group that is not used by the arc. That way the files are smaller but it's tedious. I can move them all back while I have the file up just before I publish, but I won't be able to open the arc again of course.


So just curious - does anyone else encounter this? What's your your "practical" max file size percentage?

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  • Ankylosaur changed the title to What's your practical max file size %?

Man, I have no idea. I haven’t been kicked in the same manner, so it must not be much. 

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DETH ETERNAL clocks in at a cool 23%. This area seems to be the sweet spot, I only had one serious malfunction (pink and green space hellions?) and it was easy enough to correct, if baffling.


My Christmas arc (The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year) settled at 46% and, despite taking a full minute to open, was largely cooperative while I was working on it, with only the occasional mechanical breakdown or weird contextual glitch. The Mu escort on mission 3 is a much more precarious one than I first wrote, but the one I first wrote just stopped working.


Game of Thorns, my first ever foray into the AE, starts to melt its containment housing at 52%. 50% seems to be the eye of terror, the point at which you enter the realms of madness and never return. I had to rewrite so much of that arc as entire sections were inexplicably swallowed, costumes would deform themselves, Gremuloids were suddenly eight foot tall and text would just go missing. I'm almost grateful that the file is now somehow unpublishable, meaning I can't make any changes to the published version. You're welcome, everyone.


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