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/bio framework that fits (nearly) all builds.


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I preface this by saying I did not reinvent the powder and with how there are only so many 'winning' ways of Tetris-ing the IO bonuses others surely came up with the same answer.


But, for new players or what have you here is a /bio build that can be paired with pretty much anything.



Why Bio Armor?


Bio Armor is one of the best armors currently in the game if for no other reason that the Offensive Adaptation grants a 25% damage boost. But then it also has an absorb shield (that also does a small heal), three endurance recovery tools in Inexhaustible, Drain DNA (which also does a small heal) and Parasitic Leech (which triples as a small heal, an absorb shield, and an endurance recovery tool).


For other ATs there is argument to be made that Bio Armor is, maybe, a bit squishy, but this is not a problem for Sentinels who will usually be outside of melee range either because being a ranged AT or because they will be safely hovering on top of the mobs close enough to use all their PbAoEs if such is the case, but outside of their melee range.



Why not Bio Armor?


Aesthetics and theme are important too. Having fun is not quantifiable. Not everyone will be into Bio Armor's looks even with minimal FX and sadly Ablative Armor and Parasitic Leech still make an ugly carapace that mars the otherwise less glaring Minimal FX options.





The Sentinels's ATOs compete with the Brute ATOs for which are the worst in the game. As is the case with most ATOs the bonuses are great, but the special (a chance for Opportunity and an absorb shield) are inconsequential. As such they can be slotted into AoEs which are by dint of their nature not specially good for damage procs. This frees the single target attacks to have at least or two damage procs to help things along.


After playing Sentinels somewhat extensively I went from the true and tried 45% defense to a more humble 33%. The hovering out of melee range, the nuke that helps decimate half a spawn, and how a single small purple inspiration (12% defense) pushes the number back to 45% in case of getting too much agro has served me well. Trapdoor tests were done where I could not safely hover out of the way and the 33% defense was enough without even using a small inspiration.



Three example builds:


Example 1: We don't have a convenient AoE to place our ATOs. If the build happen to use a T1 for a smooth rotation then the T1 is good place for it since T1s usually are bad for damage procs (usually only 15% to 20% chance to go off). In this case changing from full ATO slotting to 5 Decimation and one damage proc increases the damage in.... seven points. Not 70, just 7.


Dark/Bio is an example of this since Umbral Torrent is both aggravating and useful and in order to remove the aggravating part then a knockback to knockdown IO is needed. At that point since we broke the 6 slot bonus we might as well slot a Force Feedback proc which leaves four slots.


The quick witted reader might look at the nuke and ponder why not slot the ATO there. Which is a valid point, but a rather solid loss of damage. Nukes have such a long cooldown that any and all procs going in there will have a maxed out chance to go off.


Slotting Blackstar with a full ATO would have it do 560 damage. Slotting it with damage procs makes that go to 777. So switching from procs to ATO is a 28% damage loss.


The still astute reader will notice how the nuke has no accuracy slotted. That is because the nuke is never ever going to be used without Aim being used first which takes care of that.


View This Build In MRB



Example 2: Beam/Bio. We have two AoEs we can slot our ATOs into. Great, problem solved! Since Heavy Shot takes a Force Feedback proc it would go without a damage proc with the usual slotting and so it took the Apocalypse set in order to have one. With 44% chance for the damage to go off it's decent.


View This Build In MRB


Example 3: The nuke is a rain power. Rain powers take very badly to procs so there is hardly a point in slotting procs in there. Because of this the nuke can take the ATO.


View This Build In MRB

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