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Crey Radiologist debuff device animation issues

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Crey Radiologists use a handheld device to debuff PCs with Radiation Infection. Other Crey scientist models, like Medic and Geneticist, use a similar handheld device to buff/revive allies.


The device animation seems to work fine for the Medic and Geneticist models, with the device appearing in-hand and aimed at their ally, as shown in the screenshots below:


medic.jpg.732fac332f72f1be3effdab5bbae840b.jpg geneticist.jpg.01ca7b46d866f0c8b782b4d12c30c53b.jpg


However, the animation for the Radiologist has the device floating in midair on the right side of the model, not in-hand, and typically (but not always) pointed at the head of the Radiologist, as shown in the screenshots below:












The above are images of 5 different Radiologist NPCs, just to show that it was happening across multiple NPCs and not just a one-off issue. I'm not sure if it matters, but the only way I could trigger the animation was to attack a nearby ally of the Radiologist. Simply attacking the radiologist only resulted in them trying to use Brawl on me.

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