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Diablo IV


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Anyone else playing this? Curious about what folks are playing as and thoughts on thefame itself (spoiler free, of course).


I beat the campaign with a Sorcerer build that can only be described as a potluck build.  Dipping my toes in the Necromancer pool now and holing off on a Barbarian til the first season.


Overall, I've enjoyed it and a new cast with some expanded lore is my jam. It needs some QoL features desperately, fingers crossed they get addressed soon.

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I have a Sorcerer as well, mainly the cold spells. Maybe level 30.  Not sure if the game is going to suck me in or not...really miss the monkey from number 3. 

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Posted (edited)

ive taken a break from d4, probably until season 1 starts.




xp is too slow. in d3 you could get a gem of ease or two into gear, grab a hellfire amulet and ring, and turn kadala shards into something early. in 3h or less, you be max level with a new character. and fron lvl1 you could rift.


the immediacy was good, the 'i can play for 30m', in d4 thats a nightmare dungeon run or few, I suppose.


too much travel.  the horse makes you skip mobs, and get caught on things. it makes running to a place an activity that takes you out of combat as its function, and you traverse a world to get to a place.  at least in wow a griffin/bat taking several minutes is met with some nice scenery and doesnt need a player to drive it about.  Im not keen on the mounts.


i havent the slightest desire, nor intention, of scouring the map for lillith statues, i want to chase unicorns in whimsyshire instead.


im maining necro, with pets and shadow corpse explosion. ive been the same build for 30 levels. in d3, and im bored shitless of it.  and i love diablo art, lore, and necro class styling.  i literally cannot see beneath the cloud of blight, so end up making blackened paint over much of the screen, and dodge about resummoning pets.  it gets samey in a way corpse lance didnt (imo).  in d3, you could swap a lot and often, then runes to get yourself dialed in.  again, immediacy, and no gold charge.


paragon is fuller in d4, but its also VERY drawn out.


so ya, imma let it settle for a bit, see where a longer haul takes the thing.

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... going to be honest, from someone who picked up Win95 *specifically* to play Diablo I when it came out...


I'm pretty much pretending it doesn't exist. Not happy with the company, not happy with still "needing to be always-on," not happy with the macrotransactions (can't call that micro, can you...) Just not thrilled with what's happened with it.


(And that list's getting longer all the time... Marathon was a recent addition there, too. *sigh*)



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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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