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Purifier badge, I am standing on it, but not getting it.

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So, I am in the process of chasing down the Freedom Phalanx accolade, on my Pussycat Doll Brute, on the Everlasting server. I have everything... triple checked... but the Purifier Badge.


I SHOULD have the badge, as I was standing on it for a while as these issues came up. But... still no badge. Can someone help me with this, please?


Thank you in advance.



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Try this command to make sure you are standing in the right spot:


/thumbtack -1086.0 -16.0 -7612.5


If so, try this command to make sure you don't already have the badge. This will potentially change your badge title so remember what you had if you need to change it back afterward.


/settitle 110


If it changes your badge title to Purifier (or Defiler, if you are a rogue), then you already have the badge, and there is some other part of the accolade that you are missing. Or if you are a rogue, then you won't earn the accolade until you switch to hero or vigilante.


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