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Focused Feedback: NPCs & Factions

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NPC Enemies & Factions


  • Incarnate-level Arachnos were missed for the gender parity update, this has been adjusted and now Bane Spiders, Crab Spiders, Night Widows, and Arbiters should have the opposite gender costumes at 1/8th chance.
  • Fixed Scirocco lightning attacks missing animations.
  • Red Widow given a proper description.
  • New costume added for Red Widow's appearances post-revival.
  • Fixed Ghost Widow Etherealise not properly targeting.
  • General power tuning to have NPC versions of Arachnos mobs more closely mirror VEAT Arachnos Widows.


Axis America

  • Restored original costumes to all enemies in this faction to visually distinguish it from Council Empire mobs.


 Yep, definitely bad guys. 

Cimeroran Traitors

  • Incarnate-level Minotaurs and Cyclopes re-tuned to make them more manageable in non-Advanced Mode content.


Circle of Thorns

  • High-level mobs revamped.
  • Various crossbow-using Circle of Thorns mobs now use the wooden arcane crossbow model.
  • Fixed Madness Mage Scramble Thoughts being level locked outside critter's level range.
  • Master of Ruin / Ruin Mage's defense buff from Dispersion Bubble reduced by 10%.



  • Fixed Tesla Clockwork refusing to toggle Lightning Field.
  • Glow mask applied to all Clockwork eye textures to enhance their visual presentation:


 Those glowing eyes are much more imposing! 



  • High-level mobs revamped.
  • Restored Maestro's cape which had been missing for some time.
  • Dark Equinox Archons now have purple gloves to make them more identifiable in a group.



  • Elite Paragon Protector variants that use psionic & radiation have had their reward scale decreased to match the Longbow Wardens that use identical power definitions.
  • Crey Gamma Tank minion's spawn limit reduced from 2 per group to 1.
  • Fixed high-level Crey Ice Tank mobs not spawning.
  • Fixed high-level Crey Protector lieutenants not set to spawn limit 1 as intended.


Devouring Earth

  • Fixed Cairn, Fungi, Quartz summon pets not affecting Praetorian Devouring Earth.
  • Fixed Cairn not excluding other Cairns from damage resistance.
  • Hamidon, Mitochondria Antibodies, and Mitochondria Electrolytes now have subtle geometry elements that make them always visible even when the game client's particle cap is reached.
    • This will prevent them from ever being completely invisible due to local particle limitations:


 No more invisible mitos! 


Dr. Kane's House of Horrors - Black Whip

  • Black Whip is now using a much spooky-scarier unique costume instead of using a generic preset.



  • Fixed names for Freakshow Wing Swiper and Wing Smasher critters.



  • Fixed Frostfire not properly freezing his loudmouthed goon during cutscene.
  • Tweaked Frostfire’s AI to ensure he properly uses his full power suite.


Psychic Clockwork

  • Now have purple glowing eyes that sets them apart from standard Clockwork.



  • Fixed an FX error that was causing Guardian mobs force field bubbles to not render their FX geometry.
  • Fixed a definition error that was causing a pre-revamp Rikti boss to sometimes spawn amongst Level 38 groups.
  • Magus mobs are now named Chief Magus to properly adhere to high-ranking Rikti naming schemes.
  • Priest mobs are now named War Priest as they occupy a number of different ranks depending on content context.
  • Heavy Assault Suit's Fusion attacks now do not hit pets.



  • Fixed Hero 1 lightning attacks missing animations.




  • Adamastor now only drops Rewards Merits to the same character once every eighteen hours; Amount of merits earned remains the same as before.



  • Each of Lusca's eight tentacles now drop 2 Reward Merits each, bringing the total merit count for a complete Lusca clear up to 22.
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Hamidon Yellow Mito appearance is crisp and clear, greatly appreciate the change especially when targeting. Did the blue and green get this effect?



For anyone interested:


Hamidon - Semi-translucent and purple exterior sphere




Mitochondria Electrolytes - Rather hard to see in the image, but much larger blue semi-translucent sphere.




Mending Mitochondria - Smallest, semi-translucent green sphere




Mitochondria Antibodies - Unique yellow sphere with cone patterns originating from the main body.




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Running around in Atlas Park getting for a feel of some of the new sets + testing out sybil robes, I can say that the Tesla Knights I encountered were definitely using their Lightning Field, so that's working

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On 2/15/2024 at 2:30 PM, The Curator said:
  • Tarantula Mistress Mental Scramble is no longer autohit.
  • Tarantula Queen Scramble Thoughts is no longer autohit.


Wait, what? The 'wreck your defense plus blind' power, the main reason I always first-target Tarantula Mistresses, was an autohit?

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