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Update Last Spawn Code To Affect All Missions/Maps


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There was an update, back on Live I believe, that when you cleared a map and only a single spawn was left, they would be marked on the map. The problem is, it only sometimes works. When you're doing a defeat all mission, especially a timed one, that marker is very helpful. Too often however, it just isn't there. (I just spent 88 minutes chasing my tail on a timed kill all trying to find an unmarked spawn. I ran right by where they were repeatedly without them seeing me [despite looking in my direction apparently] or me seeing them [despite looking at them as well]. So I'm inclined to think they were bugged and had spawned off the map, but came back on the map after I left and re-entered.)


The fact that marker will show up on a non-defeat all mission but not on some defeat all missions is mind-blowing. So my request is simple. Can that code be set up to always activate when there is a single spawn left on the map regardless of map/mission? Please?

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That code has pretty much always been wonky.


It doesn't tend to show moving mobs. It'll show jail doors, COT crystals and the like - which aren't helpful - but a patrol that's wandering the map? Nope. (Though it will sometimes mark... what I believe is a spawn point. Go there and there's nothing there, but it's marked.) I've had it not help frequently.


So, yeah, fixing it would be nice.

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@Greycatis correct. It doesn’t always “kick in.” For some reason my memory seems to recall that the Devs only wanted it to show the last baddie on the map in specific missions. 

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7 hours ago, Saiyajinzoningen said:

that's odd

I've found the marker works more often than not

the only time the marker does not function in my experience is when the final mob is a kidnap/rescue mission

Is it possible it was a bug?

Like @Greycat said, the code was always... questionable for function. Like there are maps where you defeat all but one group, the last group will be marked, and then more groups will be marked as ambushes spawn. (Which I find convenient and don't want to go away. [Edit: Being able to see the ambushes approaching is helpful, especially on a map with multiple paths so I can avoid them on my particularly squishy characters.]) Or you can be running around in a defeat all, screaming at the game and reaching for a handful of aspirin because you just spent the past 2 hours running laps on a map unable to find a missing mob or even a full spawn because there just is no marker. And when that happens on a timed defeat all? It's that much more frustrating. Or you can be trying to find a missing mob/spawn, run to the marker and find nothing there, or see lots of markers because those cell doors and labs count for some reason, and be running around trying to find another marker (that hopefully at least turns to show it is an actual mob and not just another inanimate object).


Back on Live I believe, the devs at the time said they had added the marker to help players find the last spawn on defeat all missions. They also added the other marker to show the last glowie to be found. (This other marker is also hit or miss for working. Like sometimes it shows up even with other mobs left on the map to be defeated, and other times you have to clear the map of all enemies for the objective marker to finally show up. And yet other times it never appears at all.) The problem is, if I remember right, is that they said they only applied it to specific missions, with the intent of helping with defeat alls. Except the marker shows up on other missions as well and still doesn't show up on missions where you need it, like multiple defeat alls I've done the past few days. Those specific missions never have the marker in my experience.


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3 hours ago, Rudra said:

Or you can be trying to find a missing mob/spawn, run to the marker and find nothing there,

And because the last-spawn marker refreshes at odd intervals, and doesn't always remove the old marker(s) when it updates, you can get two, three, or more markers that were correct at the time the marker was created, but which the mobs have since wandered away from.

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