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Is there a general tier list that someone can point me towards that shows the following?:


Archetype Damage Potential:


A ranking of all archetypes that details with maximum investment how much damage (and yes I know that AOE and Single target damage are separate but I am just looking more in general) each archetype is capable of.  So something like:

Blasters > Scrapper > Brute >>>>>>>>>>Defenders > Tank (I am not saying this is the case just an example).




Archetype Survival Potential:

A ranking that shows, again in General, the survival capabilities of each archetype.  So again something like:


Tanks > Brutes > Mastermind > Scrapper >>>>>>> Blaster


Any advice would be appreciated.

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That is very situational and dependend on your build, obviously.


Especially survival potential is very much a function of play style. It's true that tanks have the best survival potential, but a controller who just confuses every spawn wont make much xp, but will be totally safe.


A similar thing goes on for damage. While blasters generally do great damage, they also die very easy. So this really only applies to good teams, since a dead blaster wont do any damage. And while corruptors (for example) have a lot less raw damage, they do have access to resistance debuffs which will increase not only their own damage but the whole team damage. Inside of ATs there are huge differences as well. While an earth controller does have great control, he/she wont do much damage. A fire, illusion or even plant controller can be a top tier damage dealer on the other hand.


I guess you can make a general ranking for tendencies for each archetype, but that won't help you much because it would be too simplistic. Where would you sort stalkers for example? Their single target damage is (situationaly) out of this world, still, they are one of the least played ATs.

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There's a gauge on archetype selection that gives a general idea of this, but honestly? It's not about archetypes, it's about power sets and builds.


I have a scrapper that can out survive some tanks.

I have a controller who when she is done will be able to tank basically anything outside of soaking the alpha strike.

A well built Mastermind is as tank, if not tankier than most tanks.

A survival focused blaster will out survive a dps focused scrapper (usually).

A debuff focused corr can out damage a blaster.

A well built defender can solo AVs.

A clever tank can crowd control better than some controllers.

Some controllers can soak alpha strikes better than even tanks.


The listing for City of Heroes would either be highly convoluted and heavily disputed, or so generic that most of the information would be no better than the gauge already on character creation.

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