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This just occurred to me for the first time ever... was it ever stated publicly the names of all of the heroes on the program's loading/login screen?



I of course recognize Stateman and Sister Psyche right in the front, but was it ever revealed the names of the other heroes? Are they in the lore somewhere, or did someone just hit the "random" button on the CoH costume maker to make them? There is a couple of images in the CoH Fansite Kit that suggest at a couple of the heroes' names, specifically "Goldie" and "Tat". Anyone have any clue who these peeps were and what their stories were???

I'm out.
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Not sure if these heroes were ever supposed to actually be canonical, from my perspective they grabbed one male and one female signature heroes and put a lot of other heroes behind them with a "You can be one of us" vibe.


But if there is canonical info out there on any of them it would sure be interesting~ 

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I believe that the fellow on the far right is the first Citadel, whose name was originally Bastion.


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