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Break from Hami Raids.


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Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that we've decided to take a break from raiding.

For many of us.....CoH burnout happened a lot sooner than we thought it would, and some of us are ONLY logging in now pretty much for the raids.  We've hit burnout time.


We love that so many of you come join us every night.  Sometimes we have 3 full leagues of people!  It's awesome!


However.....we need a break.  With that said, if anyone else wants to step up and start leading please have at it!  Everyone knows how to do it now, it should work out fine for anybody who wants to do it.

Thanks for the great memories....we hope to come back and raid again soon-ish.  You may even see some of us at some of the other raids that hopefully spring up.  We just won't be leading for a while.

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