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Powersets we could proliferate to Sentinel...

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The following additional Powersets could be proliferated as Sentinel Primary Powersets:

  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Darkness Assault
  • Earth Assault
  • Electricity Assault
  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Energy Assault
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Fiery Assault
  • Fire Manipulation
  • Icy Assault
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Mental Manipulation
  • Psionic Assault
  • Thorny Assault


I don't want a Blast/Armor toon, I want a Manipulation/Armor toon! Let's make that happen!

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2 hours ago, Varkarrus said:

That'd be a different archetype altogether.

^^^ This.

It might be a fun archetype, but, it wouldn't be Sentinel.

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10 hours ago, Burnt Toast said:

Seems better suited for the creation of a new AT....

Honestly just dump the Assault sets into Sentinel, keep sentinel modifiers for melee & range & call it a day which means if the devs desire to do it they can port the power pools in their next internal build.

Otherwise, the devs would have to create a new inherent, new ATOs, potentially new APPs & PPPs & then there are differentiation considerations which will bring with it new balance considerations. 


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