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Boss: Tank Smasher (Sawblade, Cybernetic Hammers, Hand Clap, Tank Grenade)

Lieutenant: Juicer Chief (Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightning, Charged Bolts)

Support: Noise Tank (Sonic Dispersion, Rock Anthem (PBAoE +Dam, +Rech click), Shriek (Partial Radial only))


Animus Arcana

Boss: Forbidden Knowledge (Fire Ball, Bitter Ice Blast, Dark Obliteration, Arcane Bolt)

Lieutenant: Crystal Ball (Lift, Spectral Wounds, Arcane Bolt)

Support: Cure Wounds (Cure Wounds (targeted ally heal), Regeneration Aura, Arcane Bolt (Partial Radial only)) (Looks like the contact Rejuvenate in the Midnighter Mansion)



Boss: Poltergeist (Smite, Midnight Grasp, Life Drain, Dark Obliteration) (Looks like a Spectral Daemon Lord)

Lieutenant: Wraith (Gloom,  Umbral Torrent (knockdown version)) (Looks like a Spectral Daemon)

Support: Wight (Midnight Grasp, Fade, Dark Blast (Partial Radial only)) (Looks like a Spectral Follower)



Boss: Shivan Destroyer (Contaminated Strike, Radioactive Smash, Irradiate, Neutron Bomb, X-Ray Beam)

Lieutenant: Shivan Irradiator (Neutrino Bolt, Electron Haze) (Looks like a Shivan Smasher)

Support: Shivan Energizer (Radiant Aura, Accelerate Metabolism, X-Ray Beam (Partial Radial only)) (Looks like a minion Shivan)


Paragon Police

Boss: PPD Hardsuit (Bone Smasher, Laser Burst, Laser Spray, Foot Stomp)

Lieutenant: PPD Shell (Minigun Burst, Minigun Spray)

Support: PPD Guardian (Repair, Force Shield, Laser Burst (Partial Radial only))

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I'll chime in with Paragon Protectors.  Boss summoned is random  😄


Paragon Protectors

Boss: Paragon Protector Elite (female w/ cape) (Fire themed - Scorch, Cremate, Incinerate, Fire Blast, Fireball, Fly)


Boss: Paragon Protector Elite (female w/ cape) (Dark themed - Siphon Life, Smite, Shadow Punch, Dark Blast, Tenebrous Tentacles, Fly)

Lieutenant: Paragon Protector (male) (Claws - Strike, Slash, Focus, Spin, Fly)

Support: Paragon Protector (female) (Radiation Emission - Radiant Aura, Accelerate Metabolism. Fly)



Have cold themed winter horde too.  😄


Winter Horde

Boss: Snow Beast (Freeze Ray, Frozen Fists, Frost Breath, Ice Blast, Foot Stomp (since the GMs and AV uses it, why not, haha))

Lieutenant: Blight (Chilblain, Frozen Fists, Ice Blast, Ice Bolt)

Support: Frostling (Frostworks (altered to be short recharge), Heat Loss (altered to be short recharge))


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5 hours ago, AkuTenshiiZero said:

Personally, I am distraught that my pure Cold hero can't have a thematic lore pet.  I would love to see more "elemental" pets that would fit in with such characters, like the Winter Horde or the Cap Au Diable Gremlins. 

I think this too. Maybe we could have Fire, Ice, and Electric Lores made from the Animus Arcana minions of the same type, scaled up to the appropriate ranks.

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