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Illusion Control Bugged.


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Enhancements of all kinds seem to not be working on the skills: Phantom Army, Phantasm, Spectral Terror.


More specifically, Phantom Army and Phantasm are not being affected by damage enhancements whatsoever and moreover on phantasm it is ignoring the enhancement "Overwhelming Force Damage/Chance for Knockdown/Knockback to Knockdown", As for Spectral Terror it is ignoring -To Hit enhancements completely, and Fear duration enhancements.

Tested the Phantom Army, Phantasm damage by having them attack the same enemy with and without enhancements on separate summon casts (one with, one without enhancements)
As for Spectral Terror I used the P2W Vendors Power Analyzer to test the -To Hit issue and it is still 15% even though with my enhancements at my current level it should be next to 22.5%

I cannot test the fear duration of Spectral Terror due to the nature of the skill and how it spams fear but I assume it is following the same issue as the other skills since like all the other skills the tooltip that states Damage, -To Hit, and Fear duration are NOT changing at all when enhancements are slotted.

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You might want to repost this over into the Bug Reports forum.  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/32-bug-reports/


There is an already known issue with Illusion's holds not stacking properly. 


On Reddit, it was explained that the last patch involved reducing the cost of various stealth powers.  Illusion was ported from i24 to i25 and not really touched aside from that.  When they actually changed something (reducing the cost of the invisibility powers), that had unintentional consequences.  Assuming this bug is repeatable, it may be wrapped up in the same root cause.

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Ah yes, nothing like pulling on a thread of an old sweater and unraveling the whole damn thing. Seen it happen more often than I'd like during old code porting/updating projects.


Poor dev team. Good luck sorting it out, it's a right pain in the ol' nuts.

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