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  1. Well during the respec process, changes are made to a build that sometimes is already slotted with enhancements, so sometimes after changes enhancements are no longer needed to be slotted. So, I'm requesting there be a simple button for us to return all enhancements back to your inventory (up to its max) so that we're not having to select each one individually one-by-one having to slot them back into our inventory. It, takes, FOREVER. Lastly, as far as transferring goes, sometimes we like to transfer goods from one toon to another and emailing those one-by-one instead of in bulk would also be
  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This post was my life saver. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for all of the feedback guys, there's just so much potential for this game, just not sure if costumes is something the higher ups are working on so I thought I'd just blurt out this request and see what happens..
  4. oh and do more invasions! (zombie/rikti/anything else?)
  5. ATTENTION COH FAMILY! I CALL FORTH MY BROTHEREN AND SISTERHOOD TO JOIN FORCES TO BRING ABOUT THE MANIFESTATION OF BROOMSTICKS FOR GODS SAKE IT IS FALL AND ALL HALLOWS EVE IS UPON US! THE MANY WITCHES AND WIZARDS OF PARAGON CITY MUST BE ABLE TO FLY PROPERLY! ALSO! KITTEN PETS AND LIONS N TIGERS N BEAR MOUNTS WOULD BE NICE! P.S. For the love of God can we please get an update on respec'ing and transferring enhancements? The one by one thing is killing me... Oh and we need more outfits, at least the cool flowy ones the contacts have...ok thats it for now. TY! LOVE YOU! ^u^ ❤️
  6. More costume/fashion pieces/materials/faces/hairstyles, I love costume customization!! Also can you guys pleeease make us pets/mounts and also more flying styles? Yes, more flying styles! XD
  7. I keep getting an error about my drivers not being up-to-date ( even though they are ) and I've been told to just ignore the error messages and it should load the game, but I wait and wait, and still nothing. If anyone could be of any assistance, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
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