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  1. I've been doing that with some goblin minions. I started a suggestion thread about letting us have a dedicated costume slot for custom pets. Either a current one we have, like #6 maybe, or allow us to pick any given slot from the basic starting slots. With the 15 second cool down for the costume change, it's a bit messy to do it the way we're doing it now so having a slot for it would be amazeballs. Also, if you zone while you have these cool custom pets out, they'll revert to whatever costume you have active.
  2. I'd like Blind to have an alternate animation with the flash of bright light coming out of your hand. It's one of the standard alt animations for other set customization so I hope it's not too difficult to port over.
  3. Now that PA Customization is out, something I've noticed is that if you do the "creative", i.e. janky, way of making different costume minions by switching to a new costume while the PA is out - they will change to your currently active costume if you zone. Not a huge deal but just a heads up. If we got something like what's proposed in this thread, I would imagine the above wouldn't be an issue (hopefully!).
  4. A few bugs notwithstanding, I love that the new patch is out. I can't wait to play around with the PA changes! Hopefully one day we can have further customization where we can point to a predefined costume slot (slot 6 for example - or a brand new slot just for pets) that would allow us to summon something other than our own image. I'd imagine it'd look like this for the Power Customization: Original Bright Dark Mirror Mirror Custom Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror Custom I *can* pull the below off but it's clunky and awkward - I have to change to the male goblin form, summon the PA, wait for the 15 seconds to pass for the costume change, change back to my other costume. Until then, awesome change! Love it!
  5. Agreed on all counts @Replacement! I do wish we'd have a quicker cooldown for changing costumes in general but it would greatly help something like this as well (if we didn't get the Custom slot option).
  6. Yep! That's what I had suggested a couple posts up. So the original, bright, dark and what you see on Beta now would still be intact + a Custom/Slot for Mirror and Phantom Mirror. 🙂 If this gets squared away then I totally agree, has great future implications for other pets.
  7. Some of the Icon NPCs can do body type changes (male, female, large). The one in Pocket D is the one I go to for that stuff. It's pretty handy for stuff like this or say, changing from a normal sized guy into a large werewolf or some such. 🙂
  8. I think if this happens then it's definitely a step in that direction. I'd be thrilled with this but if it lead to further customization - win, win, win.
  9. 1 dedicated costume slot would be simplest for sure. I'd imagine it'd look like this for the Power Customization: Original Bright Dark Mirror Mirror Custom Phantom Mirror Phantom Mirror Custom The Custom options would point to Costume Slot # (whichever deemed by the Devs) I'd gladly "lose" a costume slot in this situation that was only dedicated to my Decoys and not something my character would wear around (in this specific example).
  10. Agreed - not files but slots would work. Someone in my official feedback thread on the subject said that it could even be a pre-determined slot, like Slot 1. Then we select Mirror or Mirror Custom for example (or Phantom Mirror Custom in order to get the FX attached). That would work as well as a limited implementation of the concept
  11. Yeah - either just a pre-determined slot that's hard coded into the Customization selection or if we're thinking pie in the sky then, I think selecting a Costume Slot 1-10 in the Customization menu for Phantom Army be best. If you point to a Costume Slot that has no data stored (you haven't earned it yet) then it defaults to your primary slot as it probably does now. Something like that would be ideal. Also, I'd do the Magic Dance every time I played my Goblin Queen if I had proper goblin minions. 😉 Here's a better image.
  12. The new customization options for Phantom Army are *amazing* and have gotten me to play my original concept for my toon at launch - Goblin Queen, as an Illusion controller (granted, I'm doing Darkness as a secondary, so that's new). The tights guys always bugged me on my concepts for immersion. I'd love it, if one day, we can progress this feature further and assign ONE Costume Slot at the power customization level for Phantom Army. Currently, I can do a lot of steps to make a little goblin posse for my Goblin Queen but I have to make a male goblin critter costume - change to that costume first, then use the Phantom Army ability, then change back to one of my Goblin Queen costumes. The end result is great but it'd be ideal if this could by streamlined by assigning a Costume Slots instead. Of course this functionality would be great with certain other pets - like Thugs for example for Masterminds but I'd be super happy with this anywhere we could get it. 🙂
  13. As an example - it took a lot of doing to make this happen and even so, I have to costume change to the form I want, then cast Phantom Army, then change back. It's cool but it's a lot of setup. I hope we one day are able to assign the costume slot to the pet power (great for certain Mastermind pets too, where applicable).
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