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  1. Looks like an OK starter build to acquire some inf and spend it on more enhancements and improve the build. Things you could look at to improve the build: Increase fire defence -- it's 16.6% on the current build. A goal is 45% plus. Try to figure out a build that only needs Fire Shield and Temperature Protection to reach 90% fire resistance i.e. drop Plasma Shield. Have an eye on the Winter event sets -- there are five sets each gives 5% fire defence (one set is 7.5%) and 6% fire resistance. Aegis set of five enhancements gives two fire defence additions (this is a resistance set i.e. (3.13 + 1.56) x 2) Aim to lower endurance rate of usage significantly. At the moment, your build is propped up a lot with Healing Flames, Consume, epic choices and health regeneration to keep alive -- due to the low fire defence. Endurance use is pretty high it looked like 2.25/s. While fighting the farm there is added stress to stay alive at the same time. Solving the defence issue solves the staying alive issue and provides freedom to make another epic choice (for example Pyre Mastery or Mu). It also allows other choices, like dropping one or other of leadership or fighting. For incarnate choices: Alpha - Musculature core paragon (overcomes ED by 45% more damage) Judgement - whatever you like (Ion or Pyronic perhaps?) Interface - Degenerative or Reactive perhaps? Diamagnetic might help at the moment with -ToHit to shore up fire defence a little Lore - Carnival Radial with untouchable Seneschal is pretty good (buffs ToHit and Damage) Destiny - Ageless is pretty much the go to pick here but Barrier might be helpful at the moment too Hybrid - Assault Core Embodiment (damage buff) Take a look at the farming guide - the macros for combining inspirations in to reds are pretty useful, quite often let a brute run at the 600% damage cap.
  2. Standard rewards at AE include these drops: SO enhancements, salvage and recipes (which are L50 and can, if being lucky, include purples). Door sitters gain a variable amount of inf with double-experience turned on through selling those drops -- every little helps.
  3. Has anyone tested with a spine/fire brute so far? (NB. Testing - please note what you have tested - while it's great to read you've tested successfully and that's good news, the important feedback is what you tested!)
  4. I see farm brute still ahead, slightly, to farm tanker but not as massively as before -- this is due to fury. In either scenario, the edge case of how many red inspirations are available to consume during a farm can swing it one direction or another. A tanker is more viable to farm with than it used to be.
  5. Taunt aura on brutes is currently broken, a fix is being tested but not deployed to live yet -- please see beta patch notes 29 January, 2020. The effect, as noted in the OP, is that NPCs run in and out of brute auras. Supposedly, there is a ritual that helps circumvent the brute's taunt aura defect and I've been following it - toggle auras off and on across session changes. It doesn't seem to help a lot, firing brute taunt seems to help. May be a rad/fire farm brute isn't being affected so much with the taunt aura bug?
  6. My go to farm is a spines/fire brute -- the taunt bug on brutes at the moment prompted me to roll a fire/spines tanker and see what it's like to farm. Yes, more targets are hit with AoE attacks and it's nice seeing an extra amount of damage numbers floating up -- those numbers are smaller, however, so it's a trade-off. Comparison: farm tanker feels slightly slower than a farm brute but they're in the same ball-park. Plus point at the moment, until the taunt bug is eventually patched, is that NPCs in the farm are not running about everywhere for the farm tanker, so it feels a little more productive. YMMV on farm tanker vs brute.
  7. Sane people know where to draw the line: in reality, probably looking at 100M may be 200M at the most for the casual player spending an hour or two. And that gets tedious after a while, playing the game with other people is much more fun and rewarding. If I set out to try to make a billion or more in one day two things would happen: I would never want to repeat it again falling very short of the billions being claimed and I'd end up on the psych ward at a hospital.
  8. Moving the recharges around between Fiery Embrace and Hasten sounds like a good choice to me. Some farmers swear by the incarnate Alpha ability that boosts recharge so may be that's something else to think about? I have a Spines/FA AE farmer that used to have Consume and Healing Flames but no longer has either power. Like that Alpha recharge ability, some swear by the +100% recharge proc. I'd say: it's your build, decide how you'd like to make it - you've made a good start, try the options see how they make you feel and then experiment with other options until you end up with something you like.
  9. Winter Sets two ways to get those IOs: reward merit vendor or the Winter Super Packs @ 25M. From those packs, sometimes you get two, sometimes you only get one and other times no IO. Those packs are the source of most of the 22M Winter IO's on the auction house. The other super pack that contains the ATOs is 10M and ATOs are 8M. I see cause and effect. And it ought to be no surprise Hami-Os are 60M they are hassle to obtain, some servers don't even bother raiding. I'd never make a build that uses one. AFK farming does not equate to billions of Inf - pretty much the opposite. May be I'm doing it all wrong but never seen a billion from farming (let alone billions) and that's not AFK that's actively running around the farm map, pressing buttons, getting on the auction house etc. I see a lot of activity on the auction house that is "buy low and sell high" i.e. buy a recipe for cheap, manufacture it, sell high. A smart player can work around this overhead and save themselves a lot of inf. I like Wenie's farm maps they're obviously brand new and quite hilarious.
  10. Build seems functional i.e. fire resistance > 90% and fire defence more than enough at 52% even at 45% you hardly get hit on a +4x8. Burn could be better damage with the first five of the Armageddon set but keep the Fury of the Gladiator -20% resistance in the 6th slot. Fiery Embrace could just be two-slotted with recharge. Knockback protection isn't needed on fire farm maps. Endurance consumption looks on the heavy side, if all the toggles are running. There's no smash/lethal on the fire maps (2915 anyway) so Tough doesn't run, saving some endurance. You've got ranged pulls to keep on pulling the aggro in from walk by groups. It is possible to make a build without either Fighting or Leadership to get all the fire defence (I didn't see Steadfast Protection +3% defence). The Winter event sets provide a lot of fire defence you've already got a few of those sets including the big one in Fire Ball (+7.5% fire defence in total). Overall pretty good just questioning endurance consumption with all the toggles. And an obligatory "eye brow raised" at Consume filled with Mocking Beratement (for the 5th and 6th bonus of course), I've seen builds with two complete sets of those IOs so it could be worse! Without those it's still possible to reach 44-45% fire defence which is good enough and have between +140-150% haste in total (your build is +110% with some downtime on Hasten).
  11. HeroDesigner v2.6.0.6 -- The view for powers and slots has changed from 3 to 6 columns compared to the previous version. The problem is that IO icons are getting very squeezed up unless the window is stretched horizontally and then the window takes up too much space horizontally. Is there a configuration option to use the 3 instead of 6 column view layout? If not, then please can we have that option?
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