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  1. As some others have said, I really like this idea. I think i'd say 5/10 or 4/10 would be better, but I think this would add a lot of diversity to end game content and builds. I'd even be okay with some type of diminishing returns for incarnates i.e. first two T4 powers will work at 100%, 3rd T4 power at 80%, 4th at 60% or something like that. Overall I think Alpha slots work well and don't push many toons grossly over the edge (no more so than a high end IO build) and I think some Destiny powers work well (like Clarion) while others could have the scale of their buffs reduced a bit so it's more even overall and not as high on initial activation.
  2. Hey Six Six, did my solution above work for you?
  3. Hey SuperDan, it was my pleasure I love making builds! And that is correct w/r/t the hasten slotting, keep in mind it only makes about 1sec difference, but it frees up another slot for you to use! Another option is to go with the agility alpha for more rech, def, and end mod instead of musculature, which (for this build) really only offers you more dmg (the defense debuff is wasted given your already incredibly high acc). I don't have my comp with mids on it on me right now, but if you do opt to go for agility for more def/rech, you could go degenerative in your interface slot which will help you shred through enemies even more quickly.
  4. Hey Super Dan, I have two builds for you to look at below. The first is a build that I think respects your original, it has all of the same powers except for one--I got rid of fly since that seemed like a throw away and you can buy a temp power for flying in the game. It seemed like a waste to have the jumping, speed, and fly sets. I've summarized my feedback on your original build and my changes below. LMK your thoughts, happy to help further Original Build - overslotted in some areas i.e. you don't need the tier 6 set bonus on golden dragon fly since you can cap s/l without that and hasten can have a slot removed, boosting the recharge enhancements in them gets the recharge down to 135sec (mine) vs 136sec (yours) - can swap out unbreakable guard sets for cheaper IOs that offer more defense - little to no psi resistance at all - over indexed on accuracy/accuracy bonuses - key IOs (steadfast and gladiators armor) come too late - a bit more recharge can be squeezed in Revised Build - has slightly more recharge, better defenses (43.9% s/l/fire/cold and 40% energy/neg) - 40% psi resistance - Loses some resistance in all all dmg types but s/l/psi - Overall should be quite survivable but is a bit more streamlined than your original - added force feedback proc for more recharge - added preventive medicine proc for absorb - added panacea proc for passive heal and more +end http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1434&c=671&a=1342&f=HEX&dc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y Build for my Katana/Invuln Toon This is the build I'm going to use for my Katana Invuln once I finish getting some other toons to 50, It has capped defense to all dmg types except psi, 5sec recharge on hasten, 41.5% psi resist. I realize the epic power pool may break your toon's theme, but I think it's worth considering (works for my toon) http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1456&c=682&a=1364&f=HEX&dc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
  5. I can do 9pm EST as well for a couple of hours @oedipus_texi can spin up an in-game global channel to help coordiante this if you like, just let me know how i can help! @Rhaethe i think we can be any secondary for controller or dominator as long as primary is ice control
  6. I am SO down for this, I have a ice/rad troller (50) ice/traps troller (lvl 40) and many other ice alts (it's my favorite controller set). Also, more than happy to roll a new toon if you all wanted to start from lvl 1 together! I also play on Everlasting Oedipus Tex
  7. Hi friends, posting about an issue I've had a couple of times on Mac where the audio is broken and begins crackling. In the past I've ridden this out and subsequent updates eventually resolved it; however it is currently still broken for me. For fellow mac users, I figured we can use this thread to provide more debugging information to help devs create a fix for this. System Details: macOS Mojave 10.14.6 2.4GHz Intel COre i7 16 GB RAM Audio Format: 48,000 Hz My strong suspicion is that this may be a wine issue, specifically the file "winecoreaudio.drv" which is the driver for wine. Beyond this I am a bit out of my depth. However, I found a solution that works for the time being for me: 1. Open "Audio Midi Setup" app on your Mac (this should be in utilities, but you can also just use finder) 2. Select "Built-in Input/Output" from the menu on the left in the app 3. Change the Output from 48,000 Hz to 44,100 Hz (48,000 Hz appears to be the Mac default--I checked 3 different Macs) So far I haven't noticed any audio degradation from doing this in game or other applications, but again if anyone else has these issues let me/devs know please! x DK
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