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  1. The only "Non IO" I have encountered was the respec.
  2. I wonder how many people know the movie from your title? God, I'm old.
  3. I think the conversation has switch a little. Yes, you can do a build by being frugal and doing conversions. The point of a high dollar build would be "what can I sell it for?"
  4. I found this to be a steady way to get incarnate salvage. Get the Revial power from P2W vendor Set the difficulty to 0/-1 The door locations are always the same. Once you done it a few times you will find it easy. I can get it down to about 12minutes.
  5. Here are some of the hard assets. I don't like having more than 1b per char.
  6. I have around 7b. I bought alot of winter packs and am now buying up rogue and hero packs. I stopped marketing about 4 months ago and have been just playing. Now I am bored with playing and I am farming again. Getting ready to hit the market soon. I expect to get above 20b. Once I hit 20b I think I'll have a giveaway. Like maybe giveaway 10bn in 50m or 100m blocks. Maybe give away complete ATO sets.
  7. I multibox x3. 2 spine fire and 1 rad fire. I run the comicon asteroid map. If I actively play the map I can clear all 5 parts in about 20 minutes. I get around 30m total. I usually get 2 or 3 PVP/VR recipes and other stuff. So, call it 60m per run total. That's 180m per hour. I can also just do AFK and do other stuff. Clearing is, if course, slower. I just started recently to only run two chars for afk farming and playing the main.
  8. Rugor

    ATO sales

    Another tip. Only grab one exp at a time from your mail. Use it, then grab another. If you grab more than two and use one, you have to wait like 10 minutes to use the second one.
  9. I have just 2 remaining badges and they are the high volume ones. I started to sell what I crafted but it was not worth the cost of space in the auction house so I started giving them away. Even broadcasting free Common IOs, it was still hard to unload them. I deleted a lot of lower level IOs. The 50s I sold but at a loss. I got what I wanted in badges. I still have to craft 1300 more to get the remaing 2 badges.
  10. Buy winter packs Open winter packs ???? Profit
  11. Yes, the comicon outdoor map use to good before the inf nerf. Now I use it to PL low levels. It is much safer for them. If you run the asteroid comcicon then you have the option of afk farming. I tested last night. I cleared it in about 12 minutes afk and less than 5 actively playing.
  12. There are IOs that have taunt procs. This keeps them from running away.
  13. Yes, that's what I do. Takes more 10-15 minutes. I don't do alot of afk because I can clear in <5 minutes if I play. I can atleast go to the bathroom or get drink without worries.
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