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  1. What version are you running and on what platform?
  2. The option to export a build to discord exists, you would need to invite the ever faithful MidsBot into your server first however.
  3. Noticed you are on, please uninstall and reinstall as this is the latest version and includes an auto update fix.
  4. It's due to Wine not being updated to support Catalina.
  5. I haven't abandoned the project. Due certain life events I do not have enough time to devote towards the project currently, however this should change in the upcoming months. In my absence Zed has been doing the project and the community a service by doing his best to create a way to update the database for you folks. As far as homecoming taking over the project they are already in our discord server and I have approached them a couple times regarding a collaboration of sorts.
  6. You are receiving this error due to your Windows being a 32 bit version and the release of MRB you are attempting to use utilizes a 64 bit version of the the zlib library. All is not lost however, download the release from the 1st post which specifies for Mac/Linux as that release targets 32 bit so that it can run on Wine for those systems. It will also work for Windows systems that are 32 bit.
  7. Which operating system are you using? When did this issue start occurring? What was the last thing you did in MRB prior to this issue? Have you applied any non-official patches/updates to MRB?
  8. Please send me the build file in a Discord DM or attach here so I can test. The import from game is touch and go atm.
  9. Working on this, have a few irl things that have my hands tied up atm.
  10. It started as a decompilation from the original. Since then Mids himself as well as the Mids Team from Titan Network have graciously given us their source and their support as we continue the project.
  11. I'll have a look at it in the code, thanks for reporting.
  12. I do not support renditions of Mids that I was not involved. Sorry 😐 Renditions of Mids are as follows. Mids' Hero Designer - Created by Mids himself Mids' Hero/Villain Designer - Done by Mids himself and taken over by Titan Network. Pines Hero/Villain Designer - A port of the Mids' Hero/Villain Designer which was modified for SCORE servers by Pine. Mids' Reborn - A port of the Mids' Hero/Villain Designer modified for Homecoming servers by Crytilis Mids Reborn : Hero Designer - Another port of the Mids' Hero/Villain Designer with several core changes and tailored for Homecoming. Created by Crytilis, Maslow, & Pine and now maintained by Crytilis. Since Mids Reborn : Hero Designer is another rendition of Mids it is natural that it uses the same file extension as other renditions. It *may* be compatible with builds made in other renditions. However since many things have been changed/fixed in Mids Reborn : Hero Designer, this is not guaranteed and a statement to this effect was already made with the release of This will not change, if you wish to have your build be 100% compatible with the latest rendition then you should rebuild it in or later. *Keep in mind, Force of Will was not added into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer until re-introduced the 2, 3, and 4 column layouts that were removed in*
  13. I will still update it if they add/change something, just at this time I'm not sure if I want to continue working on the core of Mids itself.
  14. Just wanted to clarify a few things. Some renditions of Mids, such as Pines and possibly the original, had several duplicated indexes. Mids itself relies on indexes to tell it which power is what. It wasn't until Mids Reborn that the index issue was fixed, this however would make certain powers no longer viable in a build as their index would have most likely changed. The different indexes are what make certain builds from other renditions no longer work, this was stated in the update. Those builds would either have to have the powers removed and re-added or in some cases the build itself rebuilt in and later. Force of Will was removed from Mids Reborn as were the other pools that at the time were non-existent on Homecoming servers. It wasn't until Homecoming recently added it into the game that it was re-added to Mids Reborn. The Mids Reborn rendition of Mids is built upon data from Homecoming, it is made exclusively for it.
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