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  1. Current System Specs CPU / CPU Cooler: Intel Core i7 8700k @ 4.3 GHz Corsair H150i Pro Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING Graphics Card: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Hybrid RAM: 2 x 8 GB EVGA Super SC DDR4-3200 MHz Storage: 2 x Samsung SSD 840 PRO 250 GB 1 x Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500 GB 1 x Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB 1 x Samsung M2 970 EVO 500 GB 1 x OCZ SSD Vertex 4 240 GB PSU: Corsair RM1000 Keyboard / Mouse: Logitech G413 Logitech G502 Hero Operating System: Windows 10 Professional Case: NZXT H510i
  2. Can you post a screenshot of the null reference exception? Thanks
  3. This appears to be a minor bug in the database. It will be fixed in the upcoming release.
  4. Primary link to the archive (zipped version) has been restored.
  5. This may have changed, Terrify in days of old was classified as Fear (Special). Some of the things you will see in MRB are left over (reverse engineered from the data files) from the project of old/live game. Terrify at that time I believe did add -ToHit under it's special effect. Also unless it has changed on HC the power also accepted ToHit Debuff IOs and sets. I usually have my nose deep in source to check things so I leave that to rest of my team as I continue to make improvements to the program itself. Thanks for the report 🙂
  6. Well since this thread is apparently moving forward, figure I'll show the launcher I decided to create for HC as we continue to work on the next release of Mids Reborn. The launcher should be done very soon. A few things left to do on it and a couple things to tidy up but here's an early preview. The launcher will feature a custom progress indicator for downloading. No more forced auto downloads. Selection between 32 or 64 bit clients via settings to keep it clean. Ability to opt-in for the public beta branch (server). And possibly more....
  7. What version are you running and on what platform?
  8. The option to export a build to discord exists, you would need to invite the ever faithful MidsBot into your server first however.
  9. Noticed you are on, please uninstall and reinstall as this is the latest version and includes an auto update fix.
  10. It's due to Wine not being updated to support Catalina.
  11. I haven't abandoned the project. Due certain life events I do not have enough time to devote towards the project currently, however this should change in the upcoming months. In my absence Zed has been doing the project and the community a service by doing his best to create a way to update the database for you folks. As far as homecoming taking over the project they are already in our discord server and I have approached them a couple times regarding a collaboration of sorts.
  12. You are receiving this error due to your Windows being a 32 bit version and the release of MRB you are attempting to use utilizes a 64 bit version of the the zlib library. All is not lost however, download the release from the 1st post which specifies for Mac/Linux as that release targets 32 bit so that it can run on Wine for those systems. It will also work for Windows systems that are 32 bit.
  13. Which operating system are you using? When did this issue start occurring? What was the last thing you did in MRB prior to this issue? Have you applied any non-official patches/updates to MRB?
  14. Please send me the build file in a Discord DM or attach here so I can test. The import from game is touch and go atm.
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