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  1. First, you are using 2.6 MRB. Importing from game was an alpha feature at the time. Second, sadly we no longer support 2.x, please update.
  2. I believe that was originally created by Pine, off the top of my head I don't think it was finished.... which is why it was labeled as beta.
  3. This has been submitted to them on more than one occasion and nothing has been done. On another note from an IT perspective sadly MalwareBytes has become pretty much the next Norton (crap)
  4. Navigate to C:\Users\<yourwindowsusername>\AppData\Local\RebornTeam\ and delete ConfigSP.json
  5. Make sure this is set to Power/Slot if it looks like above click it and it should turn to Power/Slot.
  6. First and foremost, ranting about something that is provided to you for FREE is not helping your case at all. With that being said, if you checked either our Discord or our main post here on HC's forums you would notice there is information regarding downloading the app as well as a link to our website for downloading said app's installer.
  7. If you are looking to install the latest Mids Reborn which incorporates the i27 changes have a look here
  8. That button no longer exists, Level-Up mode was removed awhile back. Mids Reborn takes a different direction than the old Mids. In the latest version there are 2 modes, normal and respec. Normal mode works much like dynamic mode did whereas respec mode allows you to 6 slot a level 47 or 49 power much like you can in game upon performing a respec.
  9. Above is a guide on installing and running Mids Reborn on macOS Catilina (will also work for Big Sur) Enjoy and Stay Frosty 😎
  10. That would be windows smartscreen flagging it because the setup is not digitally signed with an EV certificate which costs several hundreds of dollars unfortunately. You can however click more info and there is a run anyways option. If you do not feel comfortable doing this that is perfectly reasonable. If you installed MRB version or greater prior to 1/31/2021 then I would recommend backing up any icons/files on your desktop that you may have then do a complete uninstall. Once you have done that you can download and install the msi installer which hopefully should not flag smartscree
  11. The forums here are maintained as a courtesy, I myself do not frequent them often. You can find up to date information on our discord.
  12. Search your local appdata folder for configsp and delete it. That will resolve this issue. Come join us on Discord, for updated info.
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