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  1. SR/Rad/Soul tanker. It's already about the only one I play.
  2. He Floweth Over (SR/Rad Tanker): A basement-dwelling 52-YO seasoned MMORPG gamer, turned superhero upon eating a strange pickle during an eating contest. Rancher Joe (Demon/Cold MM): He grew crops and livestock until cheap imports ruined him. He turned to harvesting demons instead. Get My Point (Archery/Tactical Arrow Blaster) Top Thug (Thug/Storm MM): He commands a gang of politicians and spews hot air of his own. SHUT UP WESLEY (BR/TM Blaster): You choose not to answer? YOLO the Deranged (WM/WP Brut
  3. I had a TW scrapper, and even when fully built I didn't come to enjoy playing it. I just couldn't get comfortable micromanaging the toon, especially with momentum timing being a thing. The set isn't for everybody.
  4. Littlun

    Pet Names

    Top Thug (Thug/Storm MM). A politician and crooked as all hell. Security (Bruiser) Finance Advisor (Enforcer) Attorney at Law (Enforcer) Lobbyist 1 (Thug) Lobbyist 2 (Thug) Press Secretary (Arsonist)
  5. Demon/Cold MM: T4 Musculature Core T4 Degenerative Radial T4 Assault Radial Hybrid ON: 0:44 0:48 0:46 0:48 1:00 0:47 0:49 0:50 0:50 0:52 = 49.4 second average = 904 DPS Hybrid OFF: 1:14 1:18 1:00 1:05 1:01 1:14 1:02 0:53 1:04 1:14 = 66.5 second average = 704 DPS And for fun, Hybrid + Lore (T3 Rularuu): 0:27 = 1549 DPS
  6. But at the same time (at least from my observation), the stacked debuff appears more potent on the Core - higher debuff value per stack maybe? For instance, with the Degenerative Core equipped my Masterminds have pylons hovering between 20-22k Max HP when they go down, vs 25-27k max HP on the Radial.
  7. The T4 Support Core appears to be working as intended, at least on Masterminds. It grants 6% bonuses to myself, 12% bonuses to my pets.
  8. I'm not familiar with Pain Domination, but thug-wise: Soulbound allegiance: chance for Build Up gets the most mileage on the Bruiser. He already does a huge portion of your overall pet damage and this IO procs like crazy. The Superior Mark of Supremacy ATO set can be broken up three ways to get three -10% recharge bonuses. It's highly effective to frankenslot T2 and T3 with acc/damage IOs and damage/-res procs, and the Gaussian's chance to Build Up proc in the T2. I recommend concentrating the pet +def and +res aura IOs in your T1 and Gang War p
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