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  1. Definitely not my experience. Many a poster complains about KB for the effects on their own efficiency. KB can be a powerful tool for controlling mob placement and providing mitigation, but using AoE this way is not "free", especially AoE KB and especially in open areas where there are no walls or other barriers to "catch" knocked foes. (If you can fly, you can use the ground for this.) But absent careful positioning, which does take time, KB will scatter foes who might otherwise stay clumped for repeat AoE application. Especially when they were immobilized or slowed by an effect that doesn't
  2. The staging patch notes mention that they know about the sound repetition thing and are looking into it. So 🤞
  3. This is almost certainly the case. Giant Monsters have extremely high base perception, such that they can even see a Stalker who approaches within 5'. More mundane sources of stealth, even stacked, will let them see you even further out.
  4. No, that's been changed. None of the invasions cause this any more.
  5. So, this was hard on the brain to look at, but I don't see this set up to act the way described. Edit: I don't know what I had open, but there is no PvP Psi only accolade. With that correction, this all makes sense. There are 4 powers involved. Elusive Mind Demonic Aura Eye of the Magus PvP's version of Demonic/Magus+Elusive (called "Indestructable") What recharges what Elusive Demonic Magus Indes Elusive ○
  6. Definitely looks weird, but this is like this on HC, too, so it's apparently not actually a Page 2 bug. Probably means it'll get looked at after that goes live.
  7. Here's a preview of what you see when you pick a "Boostset Group" on the page that lists them. It gives you a list of all the sets in that group. Choosing how to sort this was painful. At first it was just the set names, so sorting was alphabetical by name. Then I added the levels the sets exist at, but that has some non-helpful stuff going on. For example ATOs and Winter-Os show their level range as "1-1". So I updated the numbers to show "slotting range" instead. But then, with alphabetical sorting, the level ranges were all over the place. If I were looki
  8. I don't think you looked at what Galaxy Brain's tests measured. It wasn't just a DPS test. Yes, TW won on that measure alone too, but there was more to it than just DPS.
  9. That's kind of amusing, but yeah, it seems wrong.
  10. Yeah, confirmed. The effects of this power are flagged to ignore all boosts. I don't know for sure whether slotting accuracy boosts to a power that grants accuracy does what we think, but if it does, the power should be flagged to ignore external strength and the per-effect blocks removed. (Otherwise it would boost itself...) If that isn't actually possible, the slotting option should probably be removed, but that's weird because it's an auto power, so you'd just have an eternal empty slot. Maybe add a token amount of +toHit and let that be slotted so set pieces ca
  11. This is one of those cases where it's working as designed, but the edge case outcome for pseudopets isn't really what anyone wants, even the devs. The issue right now is that tech in the engine isn't available to handle these cases better. It sounds like actually adding something to support it is on the wishlist, but there's no timeline yet. I suck up this proc behavior in "true" patch powers like Blizzard, because there's just no other way for them to work. But given how it works, I wonder why RoA really needs to be a pseudopet. I think the visuals may need to be, but it seems to me t
  12. Yes, Huntsmen in particular have both resistance and protection, even the version of them that exists from level 1-5. (It's worth noting that they're normally boss rank critters with this stacked on top of the inherent mez protection of that rank, making the boss version quite challenging to mez at low levels.) https://cod.cohcb.com/html/entity.html?entity=arachnos_wolf_spider_boss_vlow https://cod.cohcb.com/html/power.html?power=v_arachnos.wolf_spider_resistance.wolf_spider_armor&at=boss_grunt Crab Spider Webmasters (also a boss critter) and all the Fortunatas
  13. This is an aside we shouldn't fall down the rabbit hole on, but that feels entirely subjective to me in the sense that this statement appears, to me, to have a very narrow view of what defines success. DPS? Sure, Fire hands down. Overall utility while, say, soloing or leveling up? I don't think Fire is even close. As for the rest which is on-topic of Rune, I'll agree with the position I infer from you that an objective position is harder to see with Rune simply because the "balance landscape" of mez protection for ATs that lack it in their core powersets is extremely muddy. Everyon
  14. This is now available on the beta site. It leads you to a page which shows all the "categories" of boost set (like Melee Damage, Defense, Healing) in one place. When you click on one, the page updates to show you all the sets in that group, The names are links which take you to the details page for that set. This is likely to be much more convenient when looking for specific types of set by what you can slot them in, as opposed to constantly having to fiddle with the search interface - especially if you don't actually know all the set names. (And who does?) I also made some small
  15. If you can put numbers to it, it's not subjective. You can compare things, and people did. In fact, players like @Galaxy Brain put a lot of work into creating repeatable, measurable testing scenarios, which he shared openly. By those measures, TW came out significantly ahead. (Edit: Notably, it still came out ahead after the changes, just not by so much as before.) The devs here are not subject entirely to historical precedent. I think they try hard to plot a line based on what they see as past precedent, but even if they did so perfectly, some things would deviate, because balance
  16. All of what what @arcanesaid makes said makes sense to me, but with respect to this question, the answer is: our devs. At the end of the day, they decide, because they're running the server and updating the code and data. We hope they seek our input (and I believe they do) before making a change, but at the end of the day, they're set the boundaries on what "balanced" is in this environment and they make the final call on what to change or update, if anything. That's just how it is. This isn't a democracy. Good luck finding a game that actually is. Even stuff you can download yours
  17. As mentioned in the linked thread, when you catch up to your mentor so that your combat level equals to your mentor's security level -1 (so level 49 if your mentor is level 50) your SK actually drops, and this dropping of your SK is what kicks in the code that kills off your pets.
  18. Yeah. It's not the most awesome case for how the implementation works, and I very much think it's fair to suggest it could be better, but it"s not actually a bug.
  19. That's not how PPM procs work in effects like this. This is the Triage Beacn pet's regen aura power. PPM code looks at the activation period of the power. A value > 0 on the power is something that only passive/auto and toggle powers have. In powers with a non-zero activation period, the proc activation chance calculation fully ignores recharge and cast times. It's based instead on the proc (enhancement's own) activation period alone, which is usually 10s. (And the power's area factor, of course.) I'm pretty sure procs like this can activate on you directly when you
  20. Actually I think this is working as designed, it's just the fact that the damage is implemented as a pseudo pet screws you out of a bunch of damage compared to it being a click. The proc's damage formula is tuned towards things like damage auras, which are long-running, rather than nukes delivered by pets. If you plug the numbers in you get about 2.5 damage before area factor, and such a large radius is probably what drags it under 1.0.
  21. The thing with Aim not affecting Toxins bonus damage is almost certainly intended. It's implemented as a "global proc", which means it's like (temporarily) slotting a special proc enhancement in all your damage dealing powers. It is conventional that damage from these cannot be boosted by, well, anything that boosts damage. It seemingly not working right on RoA may be a bug. RoA summons a pseudopet and, like most such things, its damage is implemented as a passive with a refresh interval such that it only ticks once in the pet's lifetime. The pet is passed the owner's b
  22. I forgot to add, here's where you find the new shinies, on the CoD main/landing page. (Remember, for now this is only on the beta site.) Note that thee "search" pages are just the boostset and entity pages, which both have a search bar at the top. This approach worked out better than I hoped, so I plan to at least look into adding the search bar directly on the powers pages. I'll be a little trimmed down from the one you see on the landing page, since I probably don't want to cram the links that search creates onto the powers page. If I add a search box ther
  23. OK, actually the entity stuff is ready to go. At this point I'm blocked on releasing this stuff to the Homecoming version of the site because I need to fully re-export the data to pick up various data additions, but the bin file reader no longer works with HC's bins due to keeping it up-to-date with Page 2 changes. Hopefully next time around I'll be better prepared for that. I export "raw" data files from the bins that I can parse instead of the bins, and I can tolerate "missing" new fields in the "raw" data where tolerating missing data in the bins is wildly impractical. Unfortuna
  24. Today I learned that every SG base NPC in the base editor is a critter, and all the decorative ones (so not things like trainers or stores) have a few dozen completely mundane names. "base_soccertalk_female_npc": [ "Laura", "Linda", "Cynthia", "Amy", "Janet", "Angela", "Mary", "Patricia", "Melissa", "Carol", "Rebecca", "Betty", "Ruth", "Brenda", "Barbara", "Nancy","Carolyn", "Martha", "Joyce", "Shirley", "Anna", "Christine", "Kimberly", "Jessica", "Lisa", "Amanda", "Sarah", "Catherine", "Sharon", "Helen", "Sandra", "Virginia", "Diane", "Dorothy", "Frances", "Eli
  25. Ah, yeah, I had not seen them in ages. I am certain they did not get this.
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