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  1. Checking bios is pretty much my muscle memory at this point. There's so many fascinating and inspiring ideas out there. I wish the actual text box was better, though - sometimes I want to make a small edit and it ends up being a hassle trying to navigate to the right spot, type, find out it doesn't type, but turns out it did type and then it appears when I try to type it again... oof. These days I just copy and paste the entire thing every time I want to make a change.
  2. I love this term. I'll have a dig through and see if I can find that thread!
  3. City of Heroes is a game that thrives on its amazing ability to feed people's altitis. As a chronic sufferer myself, it's not at all uncommon for me to finish a character's build, play them for a bit, and then start chasing that next concept. Also for me, it's become a game of wanting to find 'the one'. That one single character that I'll never want to stop playing, both conceptually and in gameplay. (And roleplay!) The one single character I'll rack up dozens of veteran levels on, running content just for the sheer fun of playing them. Of course, in a game that feeds my need for alts, I don't think it'll ever happen for me. But I'm curious! What is your 'one', if you have one? Your 'main'? Why do you love them so much? When did you figure out they were your core character?
  4. I know a fair few EU folks, being EU myself, so we're definitely around! It never feels empty for teams - there's usually TFs running all hours of the day. Since it's roleplay you're interested in, there's a usually a regular crowd in Pocket D at the very least during EU evening hours most nights, especially weekends. Some nights are slower than others but it's definitely never felt like a complete ghost town to me.
  5. Interesting questions! There was a time I was maybe unhealthy in the lengths and depths on my roleplay. These days, I generally restrict openly roleplaying to intended sessions (such as with my supergroup, or when friends are in Pocket D), rather than all the time. Being on Everlasting, I do often get into teams with at least some people roleplaying, which I'll engage with, but it's usually only very casual, light roleplay which I'm perfectly fine with. I'm generally able to disconnect and consider something OOC if needs be. Everlasting is quite nice in that many people use (( )) OOC brackets, so that's always an option too. I think the most immersion breaking things for me are a small minority of the characters in Pocket D, some of which offend me to my core and definitely don't belong in a game children can be (and are) playing, but that's a whole different topic...
  6. One of the few screenshots I have from Live that survived. It wasn't long before the shutdown. Always cracks me up.
  7. Force of Will was a power pool set to appear before the game was shutdown. You can read about it on the Paragon Wiki. Force of Will (Paragon Wiki)
  8. Veloice


    I was @Feyth. @Crimson Archer, I remember you! I was Lady Patriot in the Militia, for a good spell, if you remember her at all. Good to see you around.
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