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  1. They could subtly replace those monitors with the ranting Recluse with a jack-o-lantern in GV! or not. i have no idea how those screens of him work.
  2. Those missions were supposed to just sort of let groups chill at a spot and enemies would come running towards them without players having to even move. From a certain point of view, it could've been relaxing? The devs never really making those kinds of missions again showed how popular the idea was :D The outdoor hunt enemies missions forced you to interrupt the eternal war they have going on in there. It becomes a whole lot easier to find fir bolgs hiding in trees when they're not being stomped by dozens of groups of tuatha stomping every pumpkin in sight. The red caps...yeah, they only lurk on the far edges of the patrol area and made that mission aggravating.
  3. I would give Arachnos bases solid walls instead of the mesh and abyssal darkness. Also I would probably make the bases actually use the chambers more often, since the majority of the time you go into an Arachnos base it's just endless hallway of shipping crates with the rare sight of the jail, hangar bay, medical area, armory--think most of those chambers were on story arc mission maps that were custom-built later on in CoV's life.
  4. Blitz Mastery (Marshal Blitz, that is) honoring Warburg's devotion to being the most explosive place on Earth. 1. A grenade. It blows up who you throw it at. 2. Blast suit. passive RES to Lethal/Smash/Fire. Sometimes accidents happen. 3. Bluster & Intimidation: a clicked pbaoe fear because your fiery rhetoric fills everyone nearby with dread. 4. A bazooka. It blows up people you point it at. 5. Target Marking: designate a target on the ground and Warburg will shoot a missile at it. Boom!
  5. Praetoria Epic AT: the Mini-Warwalker! Bring the glory of Emperor Cole to the masses by clomping, stomping and blasting through them!
  6. I sort of liked how Praetoria had a little event where you could force Syndicate out of a building, bust their heads and move in to the building trying to flush out the Syndicate leader--it wasn't a mission map, you still were being counted as being out in the street. Some of the maps were getting zone events like that added in during Live to try to give them more life. St. Martial has something like that with Longbow raiding a casino. was sort of a nice throwback to 'hey, remember when this game used to force you to go street-patrolling because you ran out of Contact missions?' oh golly and I totally forgot about some of the other older zone events like the burning buildings in Steel Canyon. The firemen were durned if they were going to let SC turn into Boomtown, where fires still burn to this day.
  7. I don't even mind the oldschool blue or cov brown caves. Pancake rooms ARE annoying and you hope you don't get them, of course. the caves i hate? the nigh-unique (and very huge) Leviathan map and the reskinned Leviathan map that Dark Astoria story arcs use. ESPECIALLY the dark astoria version of it, gah the walls trick my eyes.
  8. I have a silly dream of changing Serum from targeting one of the merc minions into a power that releases a Supa Troll to rampage for you for a short bit. you can't make a super soldier serum without making a few dyne-addled green guys along the way...
  9. I've always thought it was odd Presence is geared pretty exclusively to manipulating enemies, but never did anything for your pals. So I thought of something! Maybe we could combine the single Fear power and the AoE Fear into a single Terrify: Mag 2 AOE, with a xy% chance to proc an addition 1 Mag fear. Use the emptied-spot to add in a team-beneficial toggle, or clicky. "Encourage Others" or "Dependable Presence"--something suitably presence-y sounding--to grant a buff that Leadership doesn't (so not def, acc or damage) but maybe a Recovery boost to teammates? A Status Resistance boost? Not Status Prot, since that could end up nullifying all enemy CC powers with a lot of Dependable squishies. If we're fishing for *NEW* pools I think it would be funny to have a pool that summons disposable back-up. You know, like those billboards across the rogue isles marketing rent-a-thugs? Summon a short-duration Bruiser, Brawler, Blaster or Band-Aider!
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