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  1. ET is the best power in the set, if energy needs anything I would say a bigger radius for whirling hands of wider cone for power crash because the aoe is the the only lacking hard in energy. Arguments that the aoe should be lackluster are well noted as it’s a single target powerhouse set. Power crash even with energy focus is very underwhelming, none of this had to do with lightning rod except maybe show where things would need to fit in if they were worth considering at all.
  2. Text input would be cool, don’t think a filter would be problematic and like any person dressed up like wolverine, Superman etc players will report and action will be taken. I’d assume a profanity/word filter would be applied here.
  3. Sure would be nice to respec out of mandatory picks that are useless.
  4. Reminds me of bio armor but nicer looking.
  5. Or just add additional body types like monsters etc. vahzilok have great templates
  6. A proper block function (like Facebook) where neither party sees each other’s post would be great.
  7. Would be nice to skip boxing or kick to get tough. It’s cool they’ve added some stacking with the powers and cross punch, but that’s a big investment to go from subpar to mediocre.
  8. Thanks my daughter didn’t want hers anymore I’ll tell her to log in and do that. sorry to burst your bubble (to the guy liking my op because he loves me so much) 😛
  9. In summary - this proposed change will - enable more combinations of powers across the board - comes at the cost of power selections - allows more pool dependent thematic choice - may marginally improve improve player performance, depending on factors such as AT, primary and secondary choices as some are more power selection/slot heavy than others. Addtional thoughts on the subject - I don’t believe any pool power should feel mandatory - you still have to make hard choices, i choose fun/character creation over perceiv
  10. It’s easy to do, build the build without that pool and leave leave out selections that will be used in the other pool. Get your totals, then get the total of just that extra pool and add it up.
  11. Thank you from actually putting some thought in. Some character builds will have improvement more noticeable than others. Rare iOS are easy these days. No more 100 mil recipes and enhancements these days etc. fully iOd in your example how much better will your open pool concept be in reality?
  12. I’m not advocating for limitless play. I’m arguing for opening more than 4 pools.
  13. Why when I can express myself here to make positive changes? This isn’t the 2012 anymore, this game needs updates, this server has dedicated developers donating their time to make that a reality, while you encourage me to play on other servers to experience some changes that have been asked for since 2004. That is contrary to being a member of this community and offering suggestions and feedback. So, instead of showing me actual overpowered build outs that you guys claim will happen, you argue out of speculation and fear over improvements that may mean something to a significant amou
  14. Well you guys still haven’t offered one example of what would be so imbalanced so...
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