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  1. I just got back into the game (like 3 days ago). This new badge tracker is current? Im at work but plan to download and see if i can get it working when i get home. Have a lot of catching up to do 🙂
  2. nah not that big of a deal really. Just a name
  3. Thanks, my only gripe is most of my toon names from back in the day have been scooped up, including my mains. Running out of character name ideas.
  4. yes, that's the one i started with. I haven't checked out the Discord yet but will certainly give it a try.
  5. yep that's me Cobalt. I remember you as well. Good to see you still playing. I just logged some time last night and today. I'm such a noob now lol.
  6. Hope everyone is well. It's nice to see some familiar names 🙂 -Inc Have A Nice Day
  7. yup found it thank you. wow the game is so much different lol. this is gonna take some time
  8. Thanks - now i have to figure out how this all works lol. Just got the install done, but login doens't seem to work with my credentials here (which i assume are what's needed to get in).
  9. Out of nowhere I started thinking about this game that i literally played every day for hours on end until they shut down the servers. Googled about it and can't believe the progress on what's been done to keep this game and community going. I'm in the process of Installing for the first time, i wonder if any of you remember me or vice versa. My main account was on the Champion server. I was in a group called Hero for a couple of years, then merged in with Have A Nice Day (HVND) which was a pvp centric group. My main handle was Incursion (Inc) on the forums. Had a lot of great memories in both pvp and pve. Had a lot of fun running raids with our friends in Earthguard and many other groups. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well in and out of game. -Inc
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