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  1. If you really want to try out a powerset without investing a whole bunch of time simply go to the test server and kit one out.
  2. I farm from time to time, same as I run any other content, and I enjoy it. Calling people a liar for enjoying something you do not is a bit harsh. Not everyone in this world feels or thinks as you do.
  3. For me, Corona will forever be associated with a mediocre beer and Cinco de Mayo.
  4. I had the final bookshelf show up in the breakroom (in the near corner as you enter) once. I didn't have my headphones on and didn't hear the glowie sound as I passed by. I spent a few minutes in the warehouse looking for the damn thing before finally putting on my headphones. Tsneaky Tsoo.
  5. Should really do Sweet (16) this year and save Resurgent for 17, then Legendary for 18 and Platinum for 20. Then we just need to come up with a name for 19.
  6. Holy thread necro Batman!
  7. Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of these screen shots.
  8. Will the judges be running with Cell Shader enabled or disabled?
  9. Think of it this way Snarky, you made someone very happy. Good karma for you :)
  10. He is in a random spot in the final room passed out on the floor. He will not appear however until sometime after the gas starts. Whether it is tied to the final PPD officer going down or when the Clockwork spawn to clear the building, I am not sure. I usually start defeating the PPD until the gas takes effect, then I make my way to the last room to grab Rothstein. If he isn't visible I leave the room for a few seconds then search again.
  11. It can be fun to do all of the story arcs in one run, though you will need to turn off xp at levels 10, 15, and 20 to complete all arcs and get the badges. You will out level Nova Praetoria contacts at 11, Imperial City at 16, and Neutropolis at 21 so plan accordingly. There are a few gotchas you need to be aware of first as some contacts will be removed from the game depending on what missions you do. Review the guide posted above and you will be fine. Also, I find having some form of stealth is beneficial for most of the missions. Alternatively, you can just run by all the yard trash as they (mostly) do not follow. Some missions however have ambushes that will continue to spawn and follow you anywhere, even through elevators. If you find things are too tough, you can always set difficulty to -1.
  12. What server did you decide on?
  13. 1. Whats your budget 2. Windows, Mac, or Linux? 3. For what you state you want to use it for, any PC made in the last 15 years with a discreet graphics card should suffice.
  14. Shards are only used for the Alpha, everything else you need Threads and whatnot. There is a repeatable mission in Dark Astoria you can access via Ouro and get plenty of components for your slots. Also do iTrials or simply run content and get veteran levels. By vet level 10 or so you should have enough to fully Incarnate yourself.
  15. You missed the real end game of City of Heroes ... character creation! Ok now to your points: 1. Fire farms are only one means for gaining influence. You can buy/sell items on the AH and make billions. There are numerous guides on this site for how to make money in game without resorting to a fire farm. 2. Got nothing here, I don't spend enough time doing that content. 3. Use Enhancement Converters. Sometimes you get lucky and get the exact recipe you want in one try, sometimes you burn through 100+ converters. YMMV. Don't get too bogged down in IO sets. You can survive just fine on common IOs or even SOs, sets are a luxury, not a requirement. 4. None of these things are required to play the game. Mids is a great tool and can become a game unto itself. I am sure I am not the only one who used Mids after the shutdown just to get that old CoH feeling for awhile. As for Incarnates, again I will refer you to the guides on this site. The info is much more concise and very well put together.
  16. You might try lowering the difficulty to -1 and see if you can defeat them before they glitch out.
  17. Well I just ran this mission on Torchbearer and did not see any strange behavior. Both Noble Savage and Maelstrom never moved. I was in melee the whole time. It sounds like some kind of Fear behavior where the mob is running off like that. Sorry I don't have anything.
  18. I have done that mission a dozen times and never seen that happen. Are you using any kind of knockback? Maybe petition a GM and see if they can fix it?
  19. One thing to note Redlynne, you can turn xp off at 10, 15, and 20 and still do all arcs just fine. If Marchand or Scott send you to the next zone you just have to talk to the contact directly. They will still give you missions. Having the extra power at 10 can really help with the early missions.
  20. I decided to do the old alternate Earth setup for my main account. Each Blueside character has a Goldside alternate, complete with the requisite Van Dyke beard.
  21. You can turn off xp at level 10, 15, and 20 for each respective zone if you want to keep from outleveling content. That extra power in Nova can come in handy. I actually saw another player last night in Praetoria, I was surprised!
  22. That 2 minute timer is no longer in effect. It counts down but nothing happens when it runs out. Basically just kill all the Clockwork in whatever time and then bask in Metronome's tears.
  23. There is only one mission that I can think of that is hard (but loads of fun if you have good AoE). On the Loyalist side Bobcat gives you a mission to hunt down a Syndicate guy. The mission where you find him you get ambushed by a HORDE of Syndicate. It is pretty non-stop spawning, dozens if not hundreds of -def/-res debuffing, stealth immune, go gangers that will follow you through elevators. Turn on your combat stat monitors and watch your defenses plummet! Everything else in Praetoria is pretty standard. I have 15 characters going thru Goldside (level 1 - 20, not flashback), doing all 4 arcs per zone. The story is tied nicely together and doing the whole double agent thing makes it even more interesting. I highly recommend doing it at least once.
  24. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend jubakumbi.
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