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  1. The way to enjoy Bitter Freeze Ray is to hook up a subwoofer. No idea why that attack has so much bass but it sounds awesome.
  2. No need to live in melee. Use the old joust technique: jump into the group while a ranged attack animates, jump out of the group while a melee attack animates. Once you get used to it, combining ranged and melee is pretty seamless and you only spend a tiny amount of time in melee range. My blasters almost never attack while standing still.
  3. [NPC] Mad Freak Gunner: We'll get it, right, and then we'll have, like, endless power! [NPC] Mad Freak Slammer: Yeah! Endless power to do... To do... Hey? What are we gonna do with this thing?
  4. And anyone within range should have their camera lock on and slowly rotate around you, so everyone can bask in your glory!
  5. Looks at guy wearing glasses, "Hey Four Eyes!" Looks at guy with animal ears, "Hey Four Ea--" (gets dismembered) I wonder if the original intention was based on animal ears as a part of your costume (Batman) instead of animal ears as a part of your head (Man-Bat).
  6. Goofy stuff like Self Destruct. Give me a seppuku power. 😄 The winter ski hill mechanic was pretty neat, in that some of the better ways to get momentum wasn't what one would immediately expect. Also see the Frostfire mission. Would like to see more just-for-fun stuff with this sliding mechanic, perhaps a parkour area with ramps and stuff to slide on.
  7. Big fan of Air Superiority. It was a staple on my punchers back in the day.
  8. This topic has been around since the days of "Why does everyone seem to run invincible or nothing?"
  9. Back on Live I had a Dual Blades / Willpower with everything, to experiment with the combos.
  10. The recovery is strong enough as-is that my fire blaster doesn't have Consume. And since my playstyle favors all-out recharge (taking advantage of having no endurance issues), I left it at one regular old health and used those slots elsewhere.
  11. Usually I associate it with "the whole team has scrapperlock". I never realized this was a Champion-specific phrase back in the day. (edit to reword that)
  12. To add on to what has been said about mezz protection: 1) Know when you don't need it. Blasters have three usable attacks when they are mezzed. If you can defeat your current enemies with those, mezz isn't worth worrying about. 2) Identify mezzers and remove them from the fight first. Open with your own mezz, abuse line of sight while you fight the rest of the group, or use a more permanent solution. 3) Learn to quickly combine inspirations quickly into break frees. You can do this while another attack is animating with no penalty, if you are fast enough.
  13. Defense helps avoid mezz effects, so it's usually considered better than resist on PvE blasters. I'd agree with Krazie on bonfire. That power is super fun with the knockdown proc.
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