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  1. I removed the General and Help channels from my chat display, which eliminated the vast majority of my "This person is obviously looking for trouble and I should ignore them" issues. Only ignored one since then, who was excessively spamming LFT with a very non-LFT topic.
  2. Might be time to revisit flying zombies. For no reason other than having flying zombies.
  3. Awesome. Glad to hear someone already though of this. Thank you!
  4. For reasons discussed here, I have my power tray at the top of the screen. This has an interesting side effect with the new travel power popup tray: (as an example) When I turn on SuperSpeed, the popup tray with Speed Phase pops up. Since this would put the popup tray off the top of the screen, it instead pushes the entire power tray down to make space. Now when I turn SuperSpeed off, sometimes the power tray shifts back up to its original position (top of the screen), sometimes it stays in the new pushed down position (slightly lower than top of screen). I can do some addition
  5. Are you looking for something with a similar graphical effect, or something with a similar in-game function?
  6. There's one thing I'm curious about Assault Rifle, well, ranged cones in general which Assault Rifle has a lot of: Why do ranged cones have 10 max targets, while ranged AoEs have 16? For example, Buckshot, Flamethrower, and Full Auto cap at 10 targets. But M30 Grenade can hit 16. I'm using in-game descriptions, but I recall them always being this way. This seems to be the case with cones in other blast sets as well (with some exceptions from more specialized powers like Piercing Rounds). Was there ever a reason given for this back in the day?
  7. At level 1, pick first or second power in your secondary. And yes, I'm aware that would lead to some very bad choices such as skipping hide on a stalker. This is a wish topic, not a suggestion. 😛
  8. Vanguard Security Officer: "No further without proper clearance. Let's see some ID." Meanwhile, every hero on the way to the RWZ raid just breezes right by him without so much as slowing down. He politely stares and smiles, while keeping his inner rage suppressed. He's a future supervillain in the making. To quell this future threat before it takes root, I propose we all bring him cookies and show him phone pictures of our cats before heading off to the next raid.
  9. Melee / Support is a big one. Mastermind Primary / Attacks. Battle with the Boys! With a secondary full of attacks, could also replace the Mastermind attacks in the primary with some kind of leadership ala Arachnos Soldiers. Pistol as a pool, for characters that carry a sidearm in addition to their other skills. Similar to how we have fighting pool if I want some punches on the side.
  10. Always love that epic fist bump for the Tank badge.
  11. Aye, I've been on those teams, and adjusted my playstyle as needed. Glorious days!
  12. Yes that's definitely the way to play. Ranged attacks, melee attacks, AoEs, cones, whatever, they're all are the same once you master jousting. My preference is Fire Breath and then Fireball, in that order only. Due to fire breath having a delay before the damage ticks start, this concentrates the damage into a smaller timeframe which I prefer.
  13. We're lucky freakshow don't have flamethrowers, or some of those Fireman alt names would be in-game.
  14. Good call with combat jumping. Sliding up the side of leaning skyscrapers in Boomtown or Faultline is pretty funny.
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