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  1. The recovery is strong enough as-is that my fire blaster doesn't have Consume. And since my playstyle favors all-out recharge (taking advantage of having no endurance issues), I left it at one regular old health and used those slots elsewhere.
  2. Usually I associate it with "the whole team has scrapperlock". I never realized this was a Champion-specific phrase back in the day. (edit to reword that)
  3. To add on to what has been said about mezz protection: 1) Know when you don't need it. Blasters have three usable attacks when they are mezzed. If you can defeat your current enemies with those, mezz isn't worth worrying about. 2) Identify mezzers and remove them from the fight first. Open with your own mezz, abuse line of sight while you fight the rest of the group, or use a more permanent solution. 3) Learn to quickly combine inspirations quickly into break frees. You can do this while another attack is animating with no penalty, if you are fast enough.
  4. Defense helps avoid mezz effects, so it's usually considered better than resist on PvE blasters. I'd agree with Krazie on bonfire. That power is super fun with the knockdown proc.
  5. Bonfire with a knockdown IO is very effective and will often juggle enemies, and the AoE is big enough to catch large groups. It's a very good power when slotted that way. I haven't tried stacking ignite with it yet though. Immobilizes with ignite work as you'd expect them to. One thing to know about ignite is that it's a very long animation time. It'll lock you in place longer than you may want. However, it does have one really neat trait: as a placed patch, you don't need line of sight to where you are placing it. So you can apply an immob, duck behind a corner/box/whatever, toss out ignite, and /emote cackle. It's nothing super busted, but if you're looking for 'lulz' it'll deliver.
  6. If you plan on running Time's Juncture (the toggle aura), perhaps something you can stack more auras with. Ice (arctic air), Electric (conductive aura), or fire (hot feet) could be fun.
  7. ri·dic·u·lous /rəˈdikyələs/ Learn to pronounce adjective deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. "when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh" Well looks like you got me there. Please reply again, and be sure to be more ridiculous this time.
  8. Some other oldschool sillines involve Sirens Song (the AoE sleep). One solo strategy was to sleep a group, pick a dude an Screech em, then blap into submission. Repeat soloing mezzed dudes, reapply as needed. Or the Sonic/Devices "alarm clock", where you sleep a group, lay a time bomb, and then Dreadful Wail right as the bomb goes off. Friendly reminder: Nowhere did I claim these are better than other options. I am simply reminiscing on some fun uses from the old days of City of Heroes.
  9. lol calm down. The adult-kids are talking about fun things to do with sonic blast. Also I didn't state Sonic is better than anything you listed, so no reason to go crazy.
  10. When teaming, Shockwave gets pretty ridiculous once you slot it with KBtoKD and the +recharge proc.
  11. Robert Alderman: "The taxpayers are paying too much to dig those Council base tunnels! If the heroes shut them down, we could rebuild better Council bases with one TENTH of the money!"
  12. I've always been surprised that only of the missions in Manticore takes place in Crey's Folley, and that's just a hunt. If there were a remake, perhaps a natural progression of tracking Crey activity from Bricks into Crey's Folley would make sense, similar to Posi2 progressing from Steel Canyon to Faultline.
  13. You tell everybody. Listen to me Hatcher! You've gotta tell 'em! STUPID IS PEOPLE! We gotta stop them! Somehow!
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