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  1. A tip for Singularity owners: When it wants to follow you into a store and cries when you say no, just point it at a dumpster to fling garbage out of and keep itself entertained. Under no circumstances let it in unless you want to get banned from the shop.
  2. It depends how long I've been without the game. Before the return I would have been happy just soloing one zone, and would still enjoy it for a while as a nostalgia trip. Now that I've been in the game again for a while, honestly I'd want more than that. Currently I value the ability to form some sort of team. Not necessarily a full team, or a team picky about ATs, but just some kind of team in general. Perhaps after a few years away from the game (if it came to that) and I'd be back at my position a year ago.
  3. Dr. Todd in the Moonfire Task Force has amazing scrapperlock.
  4. Think of it this way: If the old character database ever got into the wild (intentional or not), we'd all have snooping access to everyone's top-secret ERP costumes. 😛
  5. I've always gone straight recharge bonuses on Elec^3, as it helps get the blaps (and now instasnipe) back up quicker. Basically if I can't Charged Brawl -> Havok Punch -> Zzap -> repeat, I want more recharge. And of course hold stacking, AoEs, and Thunderous Blast coming back quick feels great. It really starts to feel like a true jack-of-all-trades once you reach the point where you can do what-you-want when-you-want, because everything is always ready to go.
  6. (caps removed) Here is the logic flaw in this post. You cannot heal stupid, nor is it the responsibility of a defender to do so. But woot, a bonus when the team, not the defender, makes things "interesting". Example: When I run off to get murdered because Rise of the Phoenix is recharged and I would be a bad player to waste that power, it's not because the defender is abusing me.
  7. Speaking of carnies and getting stomped, in Peregrine Island on the cargo boats there are various villain groups fighting, sometimes including carnies. Sometimes one villain will be on the ground flinching while the other is kneeling over and punching them. I'm guess the kneeling animation doesn't work with carnie illusionists, as one time I saw an illusionist hovering over a malta, who was twitching from under her dress. One of the weirdest things I've seen in game.
  8. Theme park zone. The villain group could be mascot outfit entertainers, because who doesn't want giant pink teddy bears with guns.
  9. If you are empty-handed and you use an attack, normally you'll pull out the katana and then attack. With no-redraw, instead the Katana will appear in your and and attack immediately, skipping the part where you would normally pull it out.
  10. pom pom melee for everybody. i am shouting so loud the caps bit overflowed.
  11. Will they explode after ten seconds?
  12. So you're saying, he did *not* drop any good loot.
  13. There's always Diabolique, who is pretty much hard coded to run away while phase shifted.
  14. To be honest I never considered needing to leave an incarnate trial before. Do they have exits? Or would you need to use an oro portal or whatever to get out? Also if someone did leave to talk to Null, how would they get back in?
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