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  1. I wanna see a controller that holds mobs by making them dance! So my Rick Astley Hero can make his entrance into the City with style.
  2. As a blaster main, I have felt the safest with a Rock tank. They can't run for shit, but they tend to get teleport. But I imagine I feel safe cuz the rock tanks abilities are very visual compared to the other tank types. Not because of ability. Although they seem to be very effective if played well.
  3. Thank goodness theres always someone online to team with. Not a fan of multi-boxing. It seems like the practice of a player that cannot make friends. lol Dude, if ya want to solo in a party, Skyrim and Fallout are Bethesda games. Look um up. 😛
  4. I'm very glad players have to earn things here instead of just buy them. I never understood the point in paying others to play the game for you. Everything they have isn't an achievement at all. When WoW started selling level 90 on official servers, I knew I'd never return. It's pathetic, greedy, and pointless. There are also a ton of downsides for encouraging "gold farmers". They are nothing more then server pollution. I have seen first hand how they can degrade a game.
  5. Best blaster defenses are, aggro management, Line of sight/environment use, knowing where your tanks are, and a small amount of CC. (In my case Web naids, beanbags, and smoke.)
  6. I like blasting. Sure I'm squishy and ya have to be good about aggro management, but once ya got that down, just shooting everything is great. Only one thought when I'm blastin, "How do I make bigger and more orange numbers?"
  7. Destroy the corruption, before it becomes an infection. Well done.
  8. OG gamers are mature enough to know that graphics only make a pretty game. They don't make a good game. Gameplay is what is most important. Is it fun, immersive, challenging, entertaining, addictive? Just look at EA / Dice Star Wars. It's beautiful, but its an empty feeling gulag deprived of soul, built to sell saps loot crates. CoH has soul. And not bad lookin graphics to boot. 😛
  9. Is there a way to do it? I can turn player names off, my name off. Haven't been able to turn off pet and minion names. You can turn off the players rename for them, but you can't make the name go away. Is there some slash command or some backdoor way to fix it if I want?
  10. I like to think that CoH does have a trinity mechanic, but its not a traditional one. It can be mixed and matched. Sure you can do just fine with DPS, Healer, Tank. On CoH you can go controller tanking, defender bubbles instead of heals, Sentinal DPS, and do just fine. Really on CoH its the more the merrier when it comes to groups. I can't say I've ever had a bad combo in a group. I have had groups get greedy with XP and crank the difficulty up to high though.
  11. I like to look at the characters in my teams. Themes, outfits, powers, bios. I like to see them all kicking butts in their own way. No two characters are the same. Its so much fun to see what people come up with.
  12. Paragon will miss you. The citizens hold their breath and hold on to a hope that you will don the cape once again.
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