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  1. Hawkeye. My character uses guns, but he is inspired by Hawkeye. He has no powers. Only skill and determination, and a little tech. 😛
  2. It would be cool to have an open world place where both heroes and villains could do daily missions for resources and rewards. The catch is, it's open PvP, and the missions would be sending both sides into a concentrated area to complete them. Mission NPC's should be in safer areas of the zone to prevent NPC camping / ganks. So players will have incentive to come every day to get the daily rewards for completed missions, and it will be an open brawl for PvP. Could be a fight for control areas. Have to capture so many to finish mission 1. Knock out a number of enemy players for daily mission 2. (party member kills count for mission progress to encourage players to team up and interact.) Anyone wanna add or subtract anything to this? Just spitballin on what I'd like to see. Can't speak for everyone. EDIT: Missions should also include PvE. In case there are no players around to fight. There can be several daily missions that take players into the combat area to take out NPC targets and such, just like any zone.
  3. I'd remove the war walls, and make the whole city one large map. That count?
  4. I don't have any problems. I really enjoy the gameplay, content, fun I can have with almost any group. At any level. /happy with everything. xD
  5. Destiny 2 went F2P. Been checkin it out. But CoH is still my fav. ❤️
  6. What do I do with alternative costumes? Look fly as phuck. xD
  7. My Main is an AR/Dev blaster. I know this sounds odd to say this but, I don't agree. I kinda pride myself for my combat skill with not only when to use a skill, but at what angle and range to be at before popping off a power. I use hover a lot. Constantly shifting in and out, up and down. Always adjusting angle and distance to get the most out of an ability. I guess I'm saying I enjoy that part of the combat this class brings. If all the abilities, (or more of them) had the same cone and range, combat would start to feel boring or stagnant. IMO of coarse.
  8. I'd like this option. When trying to clean up my screen, I'd like to only see the name of my target. I can turn off player names, my name, bad guys names. Can't turn off pet names. I don't understand why the original Devs thought not showing pet names only means you want the pets default name to show instead of whatever the player named it. To me, it means the pets name, whatever it is, should not be visible at all. If someone in the Homecoming team could address this, I'd be very thankful.
  9. I can see this being very popular with the Jedi / Sith types. xD FORCE of will. I see what ya did there. This is a Jedi power pool in disguise. lol
  10. Also needs to fix his caps lock as well. haha
  11. There's another word for elitists, @$$hole. And they only trick themselves. They have no idea what they are talking about.
  12. I wanna see a controller that holds mobs by making them dance! So my Rick Astley Hero can make his entrance into the City with style.
  13. As a blaster main, I have felt the safest with a Rock tank. They can't run for shit, but they tend to get teleport. But I imagine I feel safe cuz the rock tanks abilities are very visual compared to the other tank types. Not because of ability. Although they seem to be very effective if played well.
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