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  1. Thank you for the link, its hard for me to tell if this is the one or not since the forum link is broke. The mirror site I recall had a forum link that looked like the old CoH forums from live with all the old posts from pre-2013. Was this link you provided the same?
  2. Hey guys, I recall months back that some folks would link url's that would bring us to a mirror site of the original CoH forum site. I don't see it stickied anywhere though. Can someone link it here? Its a good tool to have for reference purposes.
  3. Is there another site or something that I need to go to for the most up to date version of Mids? (That includes the new power pool powers?)
  4. I am late to this! .. Hey Kage 🙂 Hit me up @ChromeFamily
  5. So I have a level 32 Beast /Emp MM and I love the theme and costume of this character. However, it appears to be weak, the pets die quickly. Does anyone have a sturdy build that they can share that could help me spark some ideas?
  6. I have a themed character that needs Shark Skin, Spirit Shark Jaws. I am new to water so I don't know what is skippable or not, but there so many options here. I need some ideas on builds, I normally build for ranged defense on squishes and recharge. But like I mentioned before I am not sure what would be the best way to build this character out. All help would be appreciated.
  7. Hmm maybe its the file? Is there someone I can send the .ogg to and see if they can get it to play? It'll be a troubleshooting method.
  8. I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, I didn't know about the CTRL + Z trick, I'll try that when I get home tonight.
  9. I also checked my options and made sure the music channel is turned up. No spaces in my filename. I'm stumped, any suggestions? I'm having the same issue, anyone have any suggestions?
  10. How did you remove the walls ??? both of these look like an open area. I realize you can have skies on the celling. Is this something similar that you can do with the upper and lower walls? Yeah. Missing something. Here's a sample: Both done using the new base building tools. Your only limit is imagination.
  11. Does anyone know the answer to this question?
  12. How would you write a macro that can change your costume when certain power is triggered?
  13. I built up a character and started him as a natural origin, then started to play and remembered some storylines I forgot about. Then realized he would be better suited as a magic origin based on the new origin story I wanted to give him. However, there isn't a way in game where I can change the origin type of a character. I would like to see an option sometime in the future to be able to change origins :)
  14. Question regarding the sound file, since its running from your computers Data file does that mean that only you can hear the music? Or can anyone hear the music that enters the base?
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