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  1. Could we maybe get @GM Impervium to weigh in on how this information applies to the application process? I feel as though it may clarify a few things and help prevent the discussion from relying too much on cyclical speculations and arguing over semantics.
  2. Ahah! I've been looking for this! It was what inspired me to make the 'Tactical Gear' armor set, but I couldn't find the original material, but I'm glad to see that the vision I had ended up being pretty similar to the original concept! I had a look through the rest and it seems that Gears and Kinetic Assault seem to the the only two powersets there that we don't have (excluding Wind Control)
  3. Wow, this has really blown up since I last posted. I'm glad people are at least offering their feelings on the matter, even if some of those feelings might be misplaced, so I can only hope that the feedback and concerns here are at least being listened to. While I don't agree with everything some people are saying, I do believe that using in-game chat logs isn't a great medium for evaluating a candidate, and it seems that the GMs are sympathetic to that at least. Personally, I'd focus on how the potential volunteer conducts themselves in this forum and on the official d
  4. I was gonna go for Chain Fences, but figured it would be a little too close to Mu Mastery in that regard. Short Circuit could work, if the numbers were tweaked, or maybe Jolting Chain perhaps?
  5. So, like I mentioned yesterday, I have plans for some of the other laser-themed powers I didn't include in the laser-blast set (since they're more of a rapid-burst kind of thing which doesn't quite fit with the Superman/Cyclops theme I was aiming for). I do however have plans for integrating them with another set of unique powers I dug up. Those who follow the thread may have noticed that I've borrowed a lot of material from various Praetorian factions for use in powersets here in this thread, most namely The Resistance, which helped shape the Marksman Rifle and Heavy Weapons power
  6. Well if you go back a few seconds before the timestamp you set for the video, he states "If the possibility existed to remake CoH/CoV" The word remake is very important to the context here, these are changes that would be proposed for a new project, not an existing one. As for what ATs he meant? It's a high possibility that he could mean all of them. It's not uncommon when looking at a revision to something like this that all materials are considered, not just a choice few. The Archetypes we have now might not appear in a potential remake, or the idea of archetypes in g
  7. From the context, it seems these are changes Positron would make if he were to completely remake the game, which doesn't really fall within the scope of development for the small volunteer team we have working on the game right now. It's also important to note that this interview was dated 2012, directly after the game's shutdown, and references the state of the MMO genre at the time. The speculations they make might vary when measured against today's MMO scene, or the various new models for multiplayer games that have seen a surge in popularity over the years.
  8. Went back to revisit a few earlier concepts in the thread and made a few updates, most namely Arsenal Blast incorporating some of the unique Arachnobot Blaster powers into the powerset, and removing the Laser and Anti-Matter powers to make space. Not to worry though, those powers have been incorporated into the 'Laser Blast' powerset instead as a new FX theme, where I think they're better suited (with the exception of the rapid-fire ones, which I will reuse in another idea soon!)
  9. I tried my hand conceptualizing something similar called 'Heavy Weapons' a while back, but it was mostly focused on projectiles instead of energy blasts. Still, there's plenty weapon models in the game that could accommodate a similar theme.
  10. Back onto Ancillary powers, I'm gonna take a stab at some more Electric and Dark type sets. I was initially avoiding these since all Archetypes already have access to Mu and Soul Mastery, but I think it's possible to make them different enough so there's not much overlap. Electric Mastery - Controller/Dominator / - Lightning Bolt/Discharge: A traditional blast power for Controllers, and some AoE Debuff for Dominators - Charged Armor: An armor toggle as is customary for these sets - Ball Lightning: An AoE attack that works for either archetype
  11. As a side note, I'd also like Bane Spiders to have customisable FX just as Mace Mastery does.
  12. I'd really like to see the Tech Mace, Tech Knight, Carnival of Light/War/Venegeance and the Rulaaru skins ported over, I feel as though those are good thematic fits for a melee weapon that also projects bolts of energy.
  13. All of these "metabuilds" are created via software called Mids, which is only configurable for up to 4 power pools. And no, it's not as simple as adding the numbers from a 5th power pool onto an existing build, because all the values wouldn't be correct. The only way an accurate example could be provided was if the Mids software was equipped to handle a 5th power pool, so all numerical data could be calculated properly, since the enhancement system is percentile based with all kinds of rules, exceptions and formulas. It is literally impossible to provide the evidence y
  14. @5099y_74c05 please explain to me how anybody is supposed to make a build with 5 power pools with software designed to handle only 4?
  15. Your ability to change your argument in the face of new evidence is uncanny.
  16. @aethereal sums it up nicely with the LotG example. You can only slot 5 of the Global Recharge Speed enhancements on any one character. With 5 power pools, we can easily just pick Weave (Fighting), Stealth (invisibility), Hover (Flight), Manuevers (Leadership) and Combat Jumping (Leaping). That means you can slot all 5 LotG enhancements in pool powers alone, which means an exponential increase in build performance across all archetypes. Now lets consider that you have at least one defense power in your primary or secondary powersets, or if you opted to pick a defense po
  17. Consider the following; do you really think that a suggestion as frequent as this hasn't received some sort of preliminary testing already? The scenario has played out dozens of times prior to this, and despite the popularity of the topic we've yet to see it gain any traction. It stands to reason that it has already been deliberated and tested internally and the HC team concluded that it's not something they're willing to explore further given the amount of resistance to the idea. The reason I draw comparison to Thunderspy is because testing to see if it works is diffe
  18. @5099y_74c05 what I was implying is that Thunderspy should be a cautionary tale about how testing is important.
  19. Or adding the 'yellow' color palette to water blast
  20. The unfortunate truth is that making changes that rely on good faith that people won't abuse it isn't a feasible development practice. People, mostly power-gamers as you said, will abuse the system if it is possible to do so, which will in turn harm the overall balance and game health. Besides, the only limitation on your creativity is the one you impose upon yourself.
  21. Nobody said anything about sending people to Thunderspy, and I already said I'm partial to the idea of swapping your ancillary for a 5th power pool. And I dunno what having an RP server has anything to do with this kinda change, why should an RP server receive exclusive updates?
  22. Breaking the game for the sake of creativity is why Thunderspy exists.
  23. Alternatively, using the net prop/FX from Net Arrow as a replacement for the Bolas power would fit the same purpose and serve as a thematic second best.
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