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  1. I almost forgot about Force of Will, but before I roll another toon.... Any idea if/when Experimentation, Gadgetry and Utility Belt will come out?
  2. Psi/Elec With incarnate powers turned off, but I went Resilient anyway. He'snot 50 yet so I may change things a bit. May do Destiny Barrier to shore up the defense
  3. Who in their right mind wouldn't like to punch Homelander square in his smug jaw...
  4. Amazing farms you have sir. My kids are on a Power Rangers thing right now so all I've been hearing is 'Where are the Power Rangers?'
  5. Yeah..... Mine to..... Seriously, this is way not cool. I may not have had as much as some farmers, but that was around 6 mil with of stuff. All gone. Just starting out, that hurts. Edit: Relogged onto same toon, it's all back. YAY A sense of nervousness just washed over me. This has happened to me before although I didn't have much in the AH, but now I have tens of millions in influence tied up, rares for sale, stored items etc. Fingers crossed this isn't the case this time, or at least this time my stuff can be recovered....
  6. Hi my name is EnigmaBlack, and I'm a farmaholic. I've also been know to use Farmbiturates...
  7. Great to see you all again! TEX!!! Prince!!! Celerity!!!
  8. After playing some more time with this change, it appears it's only going to be a factor early on before IOs and global recharge increases. In my play time I've notice the default recharge times is what makes the change a bit troublesome, but after the toon is outfitted I don't think it will be a factor.
  9. Ah I was wondering why Darkest Night was still on after the target went down. Not liking the change so far, it doesn't lend well to my play style. I need to checkout the release notes to see what else changed.
  10. There is a way that you can get your in game stats like damage, hit points, regen rate etc to show on screen but I forgot how to do it. Does anyone recall?
  11. He's not here (yet?), but believe me, he still out there terrorizing forums, I've been seeing him A LOT on one I frequent . Same sense of humor. I first noticed him there about six months ago, and I was like Son...of....a.... The Hamster was always an acquired taste for some but personally I loved playing the game with him. You'd always have to be on your toes. Where's Madame Pistacio VooDoo Des Medieval Power
  12. EnigmaBlack here! I missed you all!!!
  13. Hats off to the entire team. Like many here CoH has been part of my life since Beta and has seen me through some rough times. I lost contact with my CoH family on Victory over the past three years but for the past year I've been trying to find them like long lost relatives. I feel I have a shot and reconnecting now. Not only that but I now have an opportunity to share with my two toddlers (who are huge superhero fans) a genuine joy of mines. I can't wait!
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