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  1. My sentiments exactly, but please don't let this turn into a political thread. Please.
  2. It's very important to me in this trying time to be a part of a SG that is accepting of all and doesn't promote any kind of homophobia, racism, or intolerance. I wish I didn't have to say this, but found out the hard way that the previous SG (will not mention names) did not promote the same ideals I would expect. This is especially important to me given the current atmosphere. In fact, I would honestly prefer not even to discuss politics in game or on the SG Discord/chat. I play this game to take my mind off that sort of thing. Please don't turn this thread into a political debate. I'm just looking for a community where I would fit in, and again, I wish I didn't even have to advertise myself like this, but as I said I learned the hard way from my mistake of silently expecting my previous SG to have the same ethic standards I do.
  3. I was going to come to this post to say the same thing. While /Sonic definitely has its own pros/cons and has trouble pairing with certain primaries, it works excellently with Necro and would fully recommend it.
  4. The answer is in your title. Posion/Radiation Defender. Done.
  5. Strawberry


    SS/Elec Brute makes the most sense if you are trying to recreate the character and play him thematically in game throughout all levels, but I actually think SS/Invul/Mu brute is truer to the character. He generally saved his command over lightning for special moments in battle, and tended to rely most on his enhanced strength, defenses, and flight throughout the majority of his fights.
  6. I agree with Ninjutsu on Blasters to mimic a Stalker's stealth. Edit - Wait I read your post wrong. I thought you were trying to make a Stalker into a ranged dps, but you just want to mimic a stalker's stealth. My fault for reading this while doing a million other things.
  7. Costume contests are always cool and I support them, but maybe other unique ways. I'm not sure about others, but sometimes I'll randomly 'info' people when I'm bored or waiting around Atlas. Occasionally it's led me to start conversations with others based on what's written in their bio section or their powerset choices. No offense to the /fire brutes and /kinetic controllers out there, but I do enjoy seeing people in higher levels playing sets you don't see quite as often. TA/non-Archery Defenders, Mind Controllers, Kinetic Melee, Sonic Resonance, Sonic Blasters/Sentinels, /Ice Scrappers/Stalkers, etc... Maybe just randomly hand some influence out to people you see and take an interest in. You'll also generally be able to tell if they are $$$ or not based on their 'info' and see if they have many set bonuses or not. If it's in the higher levels, and they don't, it's likely their main or they are still growing. People watching at its best, and I guarantee you will make someone's day with your generosity. Just some ideas 🐰❤️🐛☂️ Edit - Also, on Live I seem to recall a hide & seek-style contest I would see every once in a while where someone would Broadcast in zone "First to find me wins x influence". If you're into that. I'm not sure that's my personal style, but just some added suggestions.
  8. If the attack it's used on procs it, does that mean that power crits and then all other powers also have an increased crit % for a short time after or if it procs from the power it's used on, does it mean further powers following it now have an increased crit %? Sorry, somewhat new to Scrappers. So, my apologies if this is an obvious answer.
  9. I leveled to 31 in a day playing Kinetic Melee and I think I've fallen head over heels for the set. All of the graphics and visuals for the powers are on point. I feel like I'm channeling my inner ki with each and every attack. Repulsing Torrent might be my new favorite power. To all the ranged knockback sets (I'm looking at you Storm, Energy, FF, Gravity, Illusion, Assault Rifle, etc...) that have their pog face ready with their finger hovering over Gale to start a fight with, I say "Hah!" to you! "HAH!" REPULSING TORRENT IS SUPER EFFECTIVE! "Wait!", they say with tears in their eyes. "You r scrapper melee character. You no allowed trolling urself. It my job! Plzzz no steal! That's cheating!" "HAH!", I respond back! Very much tempted to slot knockback enhancements into Burst. I think I might have to. I pray u will never group with me, my fellows scrappers. Can we also talk about my friend Power Siphon. Like, she's not gorgeous, but she's one of those girls that has a really awesome personality and when u r bored at the party you suddenly notice she has kind of a unique style and that tattoo on the nape of her neck is pretty chill and not just a rose or butterfly like every other girl out there. Build up is so bland. I get a boost. "swiggty witty woot", blah blah blah. 😪😪😪 Power Siphon is like "hey i just heard this cool new band, you should check them out" and you arent really into it cause most people's music taste is so ughhh, but they force u to listen and it's actually really good wtf! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ But in all honestly, where has this set been my life and why am I a scrapper player now.
  10. That's a good idea! I take Inner Inspiration on my toons, but never thought to sell them. Thanks!
  11. I mean I 100% feel you, but I was asking for any advice or solutions before that point. Even 1 million influence is a LOOONNNGGG time away and some of these sell for ~20 million for one.
  12. Could you link that guide for me?
  13. Just looking at the names, I feel like those are pretty expensive. Are they not?
  14. I'm leveling a melee widow right now currently @ lvl 30. I love the playstyle, but I'm having serious endurance issues. Unless I get lucky on my teams and have a Kineticist, Empath, or another endurance granting support user, I'm usually out after one fight. I'm very poor and have no money for any kind of expensive IOs or anything of the sort. Any ideas how to best handle this?
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