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  1. I apologize if this comes across as harsh, but it sounds like you are expecting to find a combo without any weaknesses whatsoever, and when some small inconvenience happens that stops you from being a steamroller through missions, you completely abandon the character. If that's the case, I would continue looking at Brutes, because that's probably the closest you'll find to what you are aiming for if you want a melee archetype, but there is 'perfect' combo without any weaknesses. If there were, this game would honestly bore tf out of me. I, for one, enjoy a challenge.
  2. Totally agreed, and I've also used it in these situations, but it's still a very niche power.
  3. Sleep is great for solo, but in groups, you will be lucky if one or two baddies on the edge of the power and slightly away from the center of combat stay slept for even a few seconds. That being said, I take Mass Hypnosis on my Mind Controller and, when the power comes in handy, it does feel like a bit of a gamechanger. For example, if another group is aggroed, a patrol comes, or things turn sour and people are running. Generally speaking, I can go a full day of playing without even using the power though. I just felt I had the room and went for it.
  4. Welcome to the cool kid's squad ❤️❤️ We meet in my parent's basement after middle school and my Mom makes us cookies. We chill af
  5. I won't lie and say there wasn't empath hate back in the day, especially on the forums, but in game I never see empath hate ever. In fact, most teams are incredibly happy to have an empath, even slotted out incarnate teams. Does this really happen to you in game? I could maybe understand on the forums.
  6. I would've liked this on the Martial Assault set instead of the shurikens for ranged. Throw in some dual pistols with the martial melee attacks.
  7. Both Ice and Cold are two sets I would heavily recommend the Corruptor over Defender. I'm not saying it can't work as a Defender, but the defense loss from the shields doesn't really matter since late game most people hit or come close to defense cap anyways. As another poster said, Sleet is the same -res for both Cor/Def, and Heat Loss only slightly less effective as a Corruptor. Meanwhile in Ice, you are playing a set with a rain power that benefits nicely from Corruptor extra damage. A poster above mentioned Scourge doesn't work with Sleet and Ice Storm. I think Sleet they might
  8. My, now slotted-out lvl 50 Kinetic Melee Scrapper ain't got no time for that kinda negativity, bro ❤️❤️ u can't stop the vibin'
  9. That's actually the Traps-name version that was sort of given to "Poison Trap" by the forums back on Live from this description of the power... That's part of the description of the Traps version of the power as opposed to... Versus part of the description of the Poison version of the power. Granted, I think most people reading this know, but both powers are extremely different. It is really that silly and why I encourage an official name change even though I think most returning players keen on the sets know enough to not be confused. Would help new players
  10. Web Grenade: With the exception of a low level /Traps Controller proccing containment, I'd be hard pressed to find any kind of use of the power. That being said, it's a Tier 1 power and not every single power in the set has to be gold. You could potentially throw one small debuff on it like -acc -res etc... Caltrops: One of my personal favorite powers in the set. The fear it causes doesn't really scatter much because they are already slowed, so it adds some nice soft control. Damage is gravy and can take some decent procs. Triage Beaco
  11. I do exactly the same with one row on my inspirations.
  12. I really wouldn't recommend Sonic Resonance based off of this. My main on live was a Sonic/Electric Defender and I think Sonic is probably the most passive of all the Defender primaries. Your only real active ability on Sonic Resonance is Sonic Siphon and to a much lesser extent Clarity and Liquefy. Clarity is generally something you want to throw around on mez-vulnerable targets on your teams as well as if you see someone actually get mezzed. It's nice to keep it active as much as possible, but it's not usually fully needed. Liquefy is nice, but has an extremely long cooldown and even with hi
  13. If I remember correctly, on my very first lvl 50 on Live, I did take every single primary/secondary power. I was a Storm/Psychic Defender. This was back where Storm was still sort of rare. You'd see it on Controllers, but very few Defenders played it and this was before Villains. I originally took Gale as my first power because I told myself I would use it properly to reposition enemies and not just randomly spam Gale immediately on mobs like I would see /Storm controllers do in low level missions. Also wanted O2 for the mez protection and a heal if my group really needed it. Even though it is
  14. You really just never ever want to engage a chat channel troll on an MMO. I don't think this is exclusive to CoH. In fact, I think Homecoming probably still has one of the better general/broadcast/LFG chats I've seen despite what happened to your daughter. If I may offer some advice, maybe consider muting general/broadcast chat for your children. If they play solo or duo with each other, maybe even mute LFG. I still think what happened is unfortunate, but tbh, most players experience a certain degree of toxicity in every online game. It really just can't be helped because no one ha
  15. Tankers/Brutes don't do it for me, but I think that's just a personal playstyle preference in most games I play. I just have never been a fan of the tanking role. Outside of that personal preference, I don't think there is anything inherently off-putting about any of the ATs.
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