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  1. Nerfing regen is always on-topic.
  2. ...no, no it isn't. It's Estonian. Rather inaccurate Estonian, if my fluent friend is correct, but Estonian.
  3. And lo, it was said, 'As it has throughout aeons immemorial, Regan shall be nerfed, time and time again. And with the final nerf, it shall cease to be, only to surge back to what it once was, whole and complete, truly regenerated at last. And from there, it shall begin the nerfing cycle anew.' Do not attempt to understand, mortal; to try and comprehend would only drive you mad. 'That is not buffed which can eternal eat earth. And with strange updates, even buffs may nerf.'
  4. Ahhh, thank you! I was so worried it wouldn’t come across as I wanted it too. My only other possibility was the mushroom cloud emblem xD
  5. Was actually focused on Angela and a minor character she faced in her final year inter-school competition thing, who's name I think was Brett/Barrier, as they both interned under heroes in the same team after graduation. I read a bit of it, and it was good.
  6. Forging Hephaestus is also really good. Another superhero story of his, in some ways I like it better than Super-Powereds. I've been waiting for the sequel to Hephaestus for, like, three years now... Thing I love about Hayes, though, especially those two series, is he is really, really clever with powers. Without spoiling anything, one of my favorites is the girl from Super-Powereds Year 4, who's power was perfect spacial realization, and she used it to devastating effect. Edit: Eeeee! Villain's Code, Book 2 is in editing stage, should be out later this year... have to wait longer for the audio, though...
  7. Aww, thank you! I like to write my character bios in first person, either as the character just talking, or talking to someone. I do a lot of roleplaying, and I feel that helps others get an idea of the character's personality and voice, rather than just a quick origin story or description. Those things can be revealed through RP.
  8. Grasshopper was an example of super-jump being used by someone who didn't fully understand the full power of their means of leaping. Died in his first appearance, after leaping so high he broke out of Earth's gravity, through the atmosphere, and asphyxiated in space.
  9. The Hulk has been known to travel by making great, several-miles-long leaps. Generally, any character with super-strength but lacking flight or speed uses that strength/is capable of using it to leap great distances. Toad also has super-leaping, as well as a whole host of C-listers.
  10. Because I am STUPIDLY proud of this name, and shocked as hell that it was free. . . my new earth/earth Dominator. . . . Cupquake In game bio: Ugh, this is SO STUPID. Fine, whatev. Well, daddy calls me 'Cupcake,' because I'm so sweet! Ugh, fine, my name is Rosalind Carlyle. Yes, THOSE Carlyles. So you know who daddy is, and, like, you are still risking your job by interrogating me? Your funeral. NO, I am NOT threatening you! Gah, why are you taking everything so literal? Just ask your stupid questions so I can leave. I have a mani-pedi in, like, half an hour. So, like, I have no idea how that building collapsed. But this part of the city is so cheaply-made, it was only a matter of time. Not like anyone who mattered was inside, anyway, except for me. I'm the victim, if anyth- What? No, it wasn't me. IT WASN'T ME! SHUT YOUR STUPID FACE, IT WASN'T ME! No, I did NOT feel the ground shake just now! SHUT UP I AM CALM! [Record truncated: audio file damaged by building collapse.] Spoiled little rich girl who's anger stimulates seismic activity. Got cut off from Daddy's money because she "accidentally" killed a few people when she through a literally earth-shaking tantrum when she was caught shoplifting. Refuses to give up her extravagant lifestyle, and so has turned to for-hire villainy.
  11. I have characters. More than one, less than one-thousand. One has Psi Melee. Another might have Plant Control. They have names. Each of those names contains at least one vowel.
  12. I’d also like to point out, and maybe this has been mentioned already, but a lot of support is, effectively, invisible. You can see tanks tank, see the melee melee, the blasters blast, the controllers control, etc. Almost all those things are visible when they’re happening. But not every buff or debuff comes with a noticeable effect, beyond the animations. Melee in the thick of combat, especially if in the grip of scrapperlock or furylock, don’t always pay attention to their own health, and so don’t always notice when they were saved from a close, intimate moment with the floor by a well-timed heal. Basically, in my experience both as support and teaming with support, when support is doing their job well, and things are rolling along at a smooth clip, it won’t seem like they’re doing anything at all.
  13. Yeah, I was just making a stupid joke bringing up a serious potential issue that could result from not reporting a bug, and people start getting all techno-philosophical. . .
  14. I should also mention that I never look at numbers, or really what anyone else is doing (other than keeping an eye on party health, if that's my job). I just do what I do, and assume I'm being useful.
  15. You're only useless if you're just following the rest of the team and not doing anything. It may not seem like your buffs or debuffs or heals are helping, but sometimes that small fraction of advantage brings more benefit than anyone realizes.
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