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  1. And, to help with synonyms, a very simple tool. Click - or tap,press, select, choose... It's RhymeZone, yes, but extraordinarily useful for finding synonyms and words related to a concept. Everything with 'gravity' taken? This will offer up other words related to the science of gravity, and you might be able to find something in there.
  2. None of them. I don't like looking at numbers. They stop making sense after a few minutes. And then the brain starts hurting.
  3. Mmhmm. Part of my routine on new characters is to remove this, as I’m arranging my trays. I barely even think about it any more.
  4. Not a quote, but... I was just jumping through St. Martial, and spotted a billboard I swear I've never seen before.
  5. Overheard one of the Lost saying this while I was flying through Faultline. [NPC] Headman Blaster: "It's a donut shop. With one bomb we could blow away half the city's police force."
  6. I get so few characters to 50, those that do get showered in the most effective builds I can manage, no expenses spared. Hexquisite's build, counting the things I bought and ended up not using because i am a dumb, was nearly 1 billion. But she deserved it. ❤️ The total of characters who have managed this so far, is one. I have a second coming up soon, though, and Queen Raccoon will be treated like the queen she is, as well.
  7. Because I thought of it, and therefore I had to do it . . . I give you . . . MAULRAT! . . . I am far prouder of this pun than I have any right to be . . .
  8. "More fun" and "not playing a brute" is a completely illogical pairing of contradictory statements that simply cannot exist simultaneously in this universe.
  9. Yeah, not everyone is awesome enough to handle it.
  10. So last night, I attempted to remake a character from live. I remembered her powers (Invuln/ss tanker, speed and flight - she was a Superman build, basically), had a vague memory of her overall look, but could not for the life of me remember what her name had been. And it'd been a good one, too. One I used to get compliments on. I've tried remaking her a few times, but always dropped it when I couldn't remember the name - or, as you will soon see happened, another idea claimed me. Anyway, in my efforts to remember her name, I typed a lot of random things in. Stumbled upon some decent names and some really good ones that I left unclaimed. And then I hit this one, and the fact that it was unclaimed felt so improbable that I just stared for a good five minutes as a completely different character concept formed in my mind. So, of course, I swapped out the powers to rad armor/energy melee and altered the look a little to fit my new concept. And a few minutes later. . . (the) Improbable was born! Seriously, how was that name not taken? It just seems so . . . improbable. . . . still gotta figure out that supergirl character . . .
  11. Pretty sure I've said this in-thread before, but @SwitchFade has managed to do what so many teachers in my past failed to. Teach and explain economics in a way I actually understand. Disabling XP may no longer increase influence, but it has increased my understanding of basic economics. This nerf has improved my education. 😄
  12. Today, after a random thought while on the bus, I made Shockholm Syndrome, and electric/psi dominator. I am far prouder and more satisfied with this than I have any right to be.
  13. Was this on Everlasting? Because I've done this a few times, for this exact reason, and said basically that exact thing, and that entire scenario sounds so familiar.
  14. And then we need to nerf regen. Thrice. So it doesn't get jealous.
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