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  1. This thread is very helpful for me. I'm leveling a Bio/Rad Tanker right now but I'm contemplating a brute instead. I felt like the higher hp would make more sense but I like DAMAGE. Also does Irradiated Ground not need any accuracy? So 6 damage procs, and put the gladiator -Res into DNA siphon?
  2. Maaaaaan, this sounds dope. Can you post your full AR's build?
  3. Wow, thank you. I would LOVE to see a build you'd recommend for em/ea stalker
  4. I love the rework for energy melee, and I want to try energy aura as a secondary (I already have tried EM/bio Scrapper, EM/Shield stalker).... However I can't decide between whether stalker or scrapper is the better candidate for em/ea. The two main things I want is stealth so I can move through missions however I want, AND AV solo potential. Funny enough with energy cloak, em/ea scrapper can act like a stalker, but I just want to hear your opinions on the matter 😄
  5. Whoa, can you possibly post the link to that first build please?
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