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  1. reduce/eliminate the heal penalty on absorb pain
  2. there is a free-agent signup thread
  3. same issue here with me its something with the patch and/or networking to the server i dunno what isp everyone with the issue has but im in the se u.s with at@t and have crazzy issue atm. However the eu server works perfect for me..
  4. yea i get mad packet loss and crashes now after that patch for some reason as well
  5. want to say i ran into some on indom server
  6. Global: @hell's punisher Known aliases: hell PvP Builds: psy/em emp/sonic def fire/psi tank psi/ea stalk psy/plant-working on accolades. io'ed all io'ed accolodaed, may add 1-2 characters by 7th will add if so
  7. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/582328657675157562/592570718856675350/Annotation_2019-06-23_222356.png?width=1242&height=703 itf record. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/582328657675157562/590738993243619329/Annotation_2019-06-18_210519.png?width=1124&height=703 lady grey record.
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