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  1. I was messing around with the radiation build to incorporate procs, but I don't know if it is Pines lying to me, but the numbers don't seem super interesting. Considering the brouhaha about procs I'm leaning on Pines. But it shows my regular slotting in Cosmic Burst with just one proc doing 253 damage, and triple procced as doing 285. Neutrino Blast with my usual slotting without procs as 113 and triple procs as 130. I was leveling the radiation version since I had already done the elec before, but it's not clicking with me. Only level 33 so far, but the sapping was more useful th
  2. Do you have a link to that? I'd like to see how to improve this further.
  3. If I wasn't chasing for global recharge I would try that. Triple proc goodness ought to be lovely to watch. But global recharge fuels a lot of the build(s) and neither radiation nor elec has a KD we can tie a Force Feedback to. Much like you I too build always considering solo/random pugs. In a static group we could min max but with randoms who may or may not be min maxed, may or may not have powers slotted with -res... Same reason we softcap via set bonus instead of having a static group with 8xManeuvers.
  4. One thing to consider is that mechanically speaking Radiation plays in a similar fashion. The difference being in how Thunderous Blast is a fireball effect and Atomic Blast is a PbAoE, but otherwise both have a targeted AoE and a PbAoE sharing the same cooldowns and numbers across the board with radiation being generally faster to animate. The secondary effects are also different. Elec can and does sap enemies even without trying, but this works more on inconsequential targets. It is common to see enemies sapped dry and no longer attacking, but it is also common to either kill the
  5. I love you guys. It's been so very long since the last news I had started to give up up on the game being worked on. Sentinel still has wrong information in the text boxes and bugs in powers not doing what they says they do, and a player in the forums having worked out how the Offensive Opportunity is so gimped.
  6. These are good changes in my book. As someone who took Stealth to enjoy complete stealth with the IO I was headscratchey at finding my Hover doing less 5 MPH with it turned on, which prompted another respec.
  7. For those who read my last build where I lamented over the fact its AoE was weak this is what I came up with. It pleases me on the AoE front though losing the 'fun' and beastly survivality that the Sonic/Bio boasted from an early stage. There are several persons in this thread that helped refine the build, between help with Ageless tips and alternative slotting, but @oldskoolis the one I'm going to name as the one who pushed and paved the way towards the triple proc alternate. The early iteration was an Elec/Ninjutsu that turned into a Rad/Ninjutsu for the ability to sl
  8. You ought to have tried a demon thermal then. Still gets healing for pets and team, butthe res shields marry very well with res aura thatthe pets have, plus all the AV kiiling and team buffing tools thermal has.
  9. I ran a Citadel (CAVES!!!) and as usual paid zero attention to whom I recruited as long as they were willing. We ended up with FOUR MMs! IN TINY CAVES! It was glorious and we laughed all the way through it 😄
  10. Speaking of I just did one. Alternated Frost Sleet with Tornado to plink at the pylons without having summoned my pets. Reached the bowl phase and alternated those again to spread out the goodness. pets were mostly fine until they kept chasing mobs so far away they would be out of range and be one shot.
  11. I believe so, but it only hits one target.
  12. I'd settle for ranged pets staying at range even if they have to wait.
  13. Defenses works as you said, resistance will only work for the appropriate resistance.
  14. Well, that's good to know. It goes against what I have read, but if you have tested it then alright.
  15. From all I have heard Overwhelming only has a *chance* to turn a KB to a KD. Have you actually experimented this in game or were you just assuming it will act like this?
  16. I know you want to be useful, but considering a pylon dies in 4-5 seconds does it really matter? Plink it to get contribution and move along with the herd to the next pylon. This mostly shows how the MM has fallen behind with the game's evolution. Pets don't have a travel power, so even so much as using Hover will leave them behind, and if we switch to Fly we might as well forget having them for the next pack. By the time they have arrived someone has used their T9 and there are but a few scattered mobs left.
  17. ? Elaborate, my TL;DR fellow.
  18. You still have an Overwhelming Force in Tornado instead of Sudden Acceleration, (despite having read how overwhelming is only a *chance* of turning KB into KD I tested it to be sure and it worked just fine in Tornado, with the bonus of adding damage to it) and do you really feel that replacing Tactics is a good gamble? Your pets will be -1 and -2 and you haven't particularly slotted them for accuracy.
  19. Why the overwhelming force instead of Sudden Acceleration in Tornado? You have nothing to heal yourself or your pets. Is the plan to drop insps on them? I feel like dropping Dual Wield for O2 would help more than trying to fish for FF procs. Hasten is already near perma and a single FF proc from Tornado will do the trick. Other than these little quibbles I think you have a lovely build here. I particularly like how we can go around in Bodyguard mode and just let the pets go nuts, because Storm is doing damage during the alpha. With other MMs I'm forced to drop ou
  20. I tried a BR/SR thinking it would be a beast in defensive terms, but found the lack of self healing too much a problem. Throwing the character at a +4x8 had it die very very fast with Aid Self unable to keep up between interrupts (a single interrupt IO wasn't of much help) and the low-ish 30% heal despite being a fire farm (no cascading failures) and being softcapped. Much like Oldskool I believe Ninjutsu to be the near perfect secondary and the more I play Bio chasing the 30% extra damage mirage the more I think it so. In the end my Bio builds require me to keep purples to softcap
  21. It is very good. Typical panic button, you click it and you're near immortal. But I found that I very rarely needed it to the point it sat there not being used. If you want a panic button that is it though. But I find when I die it is rather instant instead of being whittled down. In a team we hardly need the purple inspirations less alone a panic button. Solo I found just Ablative was enough to mitigate the damage with Rebuild DNA for recouping HP (not strictly necessary since Ablative boosts our regen as well). In particular with this build who has a ton of self healing from the
  22. You have infinite merits in the test server, so head to the merit vendor (there's one in the City Hall of Atlas) and buy as many enhancers as you require to superior all your needs.
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