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  1. Reached level 38 after a marathon of TFs. My thoughts so far: The good: - Really good at locking down packs for my team. It may not be a Controller but for all effects and purposes it does a Controller's job just fine via Freezing Rain + Ice Storm all the way since Posi 1. What is not flopping is -slowly- trying to run away because of the fear effect of the rains. And then Tornado comes into play. It is easy pickings. - Noticeable meltage effect from Freezing Rain. Sure, it only shaves a few seconds, but that -30% res couples well with the power also acting as CC.
  2. I can't argue with you there 😄 Even back when I was substantially younger and thrived on grinding it eventually felt heavy to rinse and repeat the same bland radio missions.
  3. I started in Issue 7 and I don't recall street sweeping being anything but done for funsies. I don't even understand what you mean by 'radio missions helped but weren't enough'. Why weren't they enough? Back then they were the bread of leveling. I seldom touched TFs (no merits rewards) and leveled pretty much on radio missions. They gave XP from killing mobs and then another chunk from completion, and we could team up which greatly sped leveling since without IOs even tough characters like Brutes and Tankers needed the buffs and heals and there were no armored Blaster as there are now.
  4. Problem with street sweeping is the same as running arcs outside of Ouro: we outlevel things. Running arcs without Ouro has me sent against enemies +4 or grey mobs. Street sweeping I did a few times to get a level or two but sadly we start, even level mobs, defeat, defeat, level up, defeat, level up, grey or green mobs. Keep looking... grey mobs, grey mobs... Move to another zone. Purple mobs. 😛
  5. Reshuffled things so how to travel fast in the game is not a blurb lost in the misc section since it is pretty important and deserved its own section. Also updated with some changes the new patches brought.
  6. Alright, another iteration of the build. I took some ideas and (stubbornly) stuck to others. It is not that the advice was bad (it is not, when needing advice contact a pro, but once having the advice make an informed decision) but the build is tailored to my playstyle. As such I placed both procs on my first attacks (thanks, @Onlyasandwich!) so that they will be spammed even as low as Posi 1 (unlike another poster remarked I did not feel late blooming in the slightest. Making Controllers envious with how spawns can be locked with Freezing Rain + Ice Storm, spot healing baby tanks
  7. Time to delve in and get more ideas! Just a few pointers though. No point in +3 damage procs, and it's probably by accident but +3 Preventive Medecine and LotG means their bonuses aren't available if exemplaring.
  8. Hmm, changing the ATO to Ice Bolt makes it lose about 35 damage. It's maybe not as bad as all that since it was only a 29% chance for each proc of going off and Stormies have no self heal. Storm side of things ought to compensate for damage. I think it might be a good change. Good catch again, @Onlyasandwich.
  9. Yes, I agree. Plus Gale is also good pre-level 26 when we lack another attack and don't have much recharge. Ice Bolt, Freeze Ray, Ice Bolt... gap... GALE TIME! I've been taking this character through both Posis and I'm loving it. The team is safe. Abusing Gale helps with recharge so even in the low levels I can do Freezing Rain + Ice Storm for every spawn. Mobs don't even fight back as they flop and the team descends on them 😄 There are a lot of good points here. Good catch on the double KD! I meant to put a damage proc there and missed my mark. Un
  10. Version two between the advice and the posted builds. Highlights: - Procced with the exception of Bitter Ice Blast. This is because BiB is the linchpin and I would like minimal gaps. I'm already trusting FF in Tornado to shore up the gap Freeze Ray has when doing BiB, Ice Bolt, Freeze Ray, Ice Bolt (about 1.3 gap which is more than I consider tolerable, but I TRUST in the FF proc in Tornado (don't let me down, boy!)). - 75% resistances to S/L/E - (Near) 45% defense to range. - 126 second Hasten so easily perma at the first Tornado out. - I feel like
  11. Sonic has (had?) a bug where using the alterna animations is slower than what it should be. I definitely would prefer Charged Armor to Tough, but then I want Weave as well. I will have to juggle things. But first to actually make it and give it a go since I am not feeling the Grav/Psi Dom, or the SoA, oo the Grav/Sonic Controller. Making alts is easy but sticking to them past 30 is not.
  12. I only want Defender for a single reason: early access to Storm. It's why I didn't pick MM or Corruptor (Tornado at 26 instead of 35 plsboss). I also looked hard at skipping Gale but could not. It was Gale or Snow Storm, or Ice Blast. I have no desire or use for Snow Storm and I don't have the slots for Ice Blast so Gale it is, woo. There is no plan in using it other than in very early leveling where Tactics lets it hit reliably. I'd rather not have either but it is what it is. Ice Storm is my sole AoE until 26 (hard no on Frost Breath), so despite being meh it is, once again, what it is. I ca
  13. I have rarely done Defenders but I have wanted a Stormie for the longest time, so now is the time. Does any more veteran Defender Stormie see if I missed anything? Is my Tornado/Lightning Storm slotted correctly? I considered Sorcery but I keep going back to pick Hover since the inertia of regular flight annoys me. And then the combined Storm endurance problems does not seem like a good fit to add yet more toggles with Sorcery. Early Leadership up to and including Victory Rush to help myself and others during the Dark Times (tm) (AKA Synapse and Yin with the
  14. I got the ping for this message as I was setting up the character 😄 I'm curious to see how it will go as well furthermore as I'm setting it up as a poor man's Blaster instead of a Controller. I didn't even pick the mass immobilize and only have the mass hold more as a mule than with real intentions of using it. I'm not sure how useful I will feel just plinking at things in single target, no AoE. My previous character was a Soldier of Arachnos also full team oriented. Both Leadership pools before 20, etc. It had decent AoE (could almost kill a +1 spawn by itself by popping Build-Up first) but t
  15. Well, to be honest anything works in the low levels against +0 or +1. I'm predicting you're not even going x8? No reason not to work. Not saying this with a sneer or mocking, but to adjust expectations. But this is a combo I've been pondering today (which is why I'm over the Dom side of the forums). I tried Controller but got bored. Perhaps more damage will help. But, more importantly, Drain Psyche 😆 I'm thinking of ignoring the psi side of things and rely on Grav's blasting and Impact. By ignoring everything I can pick Spirit Ward, Mystic Flight and Enflame, then Maneu
  16. Well, thank God we have you to teach us the correct way of doing things. I, for one, welcome out Nightmare Shaman overlord, may he rein over these forums for a thousand years.
  17. Woosh. The answer Linea gave was in context. I said any tank will tank the game and even Scrappers can tank. Linea answered the way we currently are an Empath can do it. Someone asked about the Empath. Linea posted the build.
  18. Claws and MA still neck to neck. One more offense oriented, the other more all rounder.
  19. This isn't WoW. People won't refuse entry because you're not X. We are at a point where even a Scrapper can tank most things so you'll do fine if you pick something you enjoy. Personally, yes, dead things don't hurt back so I'm all for Fire Armor.
  20. I do feel some of the deficiency in the damage might be allayed with /Sonic's -res stacking, including increasing Enflame's damage. Is Singy better damage now it does Impact as well? I don't remember if I had made my Grav before or after this bug fix.
  21. I was just level 21 when I stopped on the MM. I'm so leery on the Controller that I haven't started other than creating it with backstory and costume (most important parts we might agree 😄 ). I'm planning on just slotting Enflame with a full Artillery Bombardment..
  22. I've already done a Grav/Kin in the past, and like most things Controller I did one TF at 50 and my struggling interest waned. Grav has no AoE and despite being the most 'blaster-ish' set it's still Controller damage so whittling things down one by one even on triple damage procs and no slotted recharge. I did a mock-up with an old build and ended with 45% defense to S/L/E, but also 0.15% positive EPS 😄 Way too many toggles... Not gonna lie though, Grav/Sonic looked really pretty in the whole energy theme critter (ignoring the name of the secondary and just looking at
  23. Color me interested. Could you post the build? I need to test the MM changes.
  24. I duo with a friend. Sometimes we duo TFs, sometimes we duo arcs, most of the time we just play in teams. While she is a bit more eclectic than I am I've nudged her to try Tankers and we usually go around duoing both with the AT. Fire Armor ensures we don't know what people talk about low Tanker damage. But since I'm getting a bit bored with it all I look at what other things I could play with the duo. Of course that the simplest thing is playing something that does damage like a Blaster. But it's done to death. Second thing would be boost survival and damage, so anything Kin, but
  25. Why are these procs cluttering your chat? I thought they were relegated to the Combat tab while chat goes into the chat tab.
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