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  1. Yeah for sure, i was just remembering those being the "farmer" on live. Now i see /fire brutes everywhere instead.
  2. I have a fire/bio scrapper, he is loads of fun. I could see the Brute version being just as neat.
  3. I remember fire/kin being crazy popular. I also remember archery/mental blasters being pretty crazy.
  4. I know scrapps aint the best in pvp but is this build viable? fire bio pvp.mxd
  5. Does anyone have an expensive version of this set?
  6. I may not be the best on advice, because i LOVE bio armor. Super interactive set for me. But, avoiding that set i have heard nothing but GREAT things about dark/shield Scrappers. Great ST and tanky, plus throw fireball in there and you got some pretty decent AOE. (want to make one myself) Also, flying under the radar i have heard good things about War Mace/ Energy. No experience on any of these because all my scrapps are BIO lol
  7. Mitchman

    Bio/SS Build?

    Does anyone have a Bio/SS build? Struggling with this one for some reason.
  8. Mitchman

    Optimal Brute

    No expert by any means But, invul is a great set that can easily get you your softcap/resist numbers. I personally LOVE bio armor for the absorb, the self-heal, and the damage boost. But, it is extremely overplayed. I know radiation is also very very strong when it comes to a defensive set. As for attack primaries, my preference has always been SS but lately the Rage crash triggers me lol. I believe Claws, War Mace, Street Justice are all well-balanced versatile sets. Great ST, Good AOE. Titan Weapons is also very strong, but the slow buildups when you don't have Moment
  9. @Makobolite Thats perfect! Thanks dude!
  10. Does anyone have any good builds for Claws/Fire content. Attached is the one i am using, but its not softcapped and seems a bit end-heavy. Clawfire.mxd
  11. I am blown away that this conversation is still going on. Everyone just let people play the game how they want?
  12. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this build. The build posted seems to be working pretty well for me but i cant help but think i can make it better. Having some end issues even with Ageless Scrapper - Fiery Melee - Bio Armor.mxd
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