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  1. I’m not really understanding the design goals with Touch of Fear. As I understand it, it’s supposed to be some sort of “leveling power” that helps characters level, which is then to be respecc’d out of at end game because it’s sort of weak or outlives it’s usefulness. Which is all well and good, but then it seems like anyone who already has an endgame Dark Melee character just got a straight up nerf with the Shadowmaul target reduction with no payoff or compensation. Kind of confusing.
  2. Which doesn't really make much sense if you take a look at Devasting Blow from Rad Melee. It shares the same animation with ET, has a smidge longer cast time, but can full crit. For that reason alone I've never understood the fetish about "Can't let ET full crit dude, it's too much!" attitude, honestly.
  3. I guess my question is, if I read the old scrapper results correctly, why did Claws get such a huge bump upwards? They didn't change anything to that set for this beta did they?
  4. Pylon times are actually pretty fine. (was taken before the moratorium on videos)
  5. We need some Thread sinks, too. After getting all your incarnates it feels weird to see a stack of 1,000 threads sitting around not doing much. 🤙
  6. I guess we can just go back to keeping the server highly secret and trying to hide from everyone again. 😏
  7. Cut Touch of Fear Keep Dark Con the way it is Replace Touch of Fear with Engulfing Darkness 🤙
  8. Yeh. I’m sure they’re legally obligated to keep their admin channels blacked out from everyone, too. 🤣
  9. Your link to the Dark Melee Focused Feedback is a closed one.
  10. Yeah, I guess we can just default back to the "Well they do it for free!" every time someone on the team full aborts a change a few days into a patch cycle because their ideas were so far left field that the pushback to it was natural. It's not like this patch is going to drop in the next 3 days, they had (have) plenty of time to...actually listen to feedback on the Dark Con proposal and spitball different ideas instead of just throwing their hands up on the air. 😆
  11. Greetings from Germany! Long time lurker, first time poster. I had wanted to try out Claws, on Stalker, after hearing it's supposed to be super shiddy because it doesn't have Follow-Up. I figured replacing FU with AS is a pretty good trade. Right now he has T3 Muscles and Reactive, and just got his T4 Assault (+Damage on Hit), so this can probably be approved a little bit. I tried a lot of different chains and moving Sets around to compensate, but I found that Slash - Swipe - AS - Focus to be the one that netted me the best times. Should be about 1:56
  12. I like DoTS...if they end up turbo ticking like Frost Breath or Frozen Touch. 😄
  13. It feels like if you kept the "no-crit" option, maybe went back to the original scaling + bonus damage, it would probably be at the right spot after testing it out some more. I always felt like Dark Melee was an oddball from a design decision. It almost feels like Touch of Fear should have never made the cut, and that Midnight Grasp should have been moved up to t8 (and adjusted accordingly), and the t9 for the powerset should have been a "soft aoe" similar to Frozen Aura, except that inflicts Fear instead of Sleep. I never understood the concept of a "Jump into as many people as possible to leverage these two powers, but your aoe options are garbage" 😎
  14. It's impractical because your solution to "this power is doing too much damage" is "let's completely change how it functions/and or calculates its damage", which is a portion of the source of pushback on changing how damage buffs affect the power to begin with. I mean I guess I could see people mashing Pocket D teleport power just to dump their end bar to boost the damage of this power, but that's probably the silliest way of addressing a simple issue of "this power is overtuned" and it's basically borderline shitposting. An actual reasonable approach would be something like, Well you could either dial back the damage scalar, which he doesnt seem to want to do. So maybe you could make a portion of the power's damage unenchanceable like how Dull Pain functions.
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