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  1. Honestly, it's difficult to delineate the difference between someone dressed up as an animal versus one that is dressed up as an animal-related mythological figure. Is that a minotaur or someone dressed up as a cow? My two INF is that we shouldn't have tried to make that delineation in the first place. I was one of the other finalists with you and I adored the costume.
  2. Are there photos of the other finalists? I'd love to see some of the group shots -- I don't see a link.
  3. I've received a lot of great help for my arc; I figure I'll submit because who knows... If nothing else, I might attract more help and advice! The Reports of My Death Are Entirely Accurate (Arc ID: 34044). Every superhero has a story about how they died and were brought back to life. This one is yours. Global: @Peacock
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