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  1. Yeah, I feel the exact same way. And like you, I recognize that this might be a real challenge. I'm curious to see how people make it work.
  2. Despite the title of the contest, it looks like they want you to focus on one color. Although complementary, triadic and other colors can be added as a minor accent. That being said, I did not know this page on the wiki existed and I am happy that you led me to it.
  3. They usually post that when they announce the overall winner from the individual shard finalists.
  4. Hi there! Here's my submission for the AE Contest! Arc ID: 35205 Arc Name: OG - Original Gamester Author: @Peacock Number of Missions: 3 Description: Have you been naughty or have you been nice? That's the question that the Gamester wants to know. He's checked his list once and he's checked it twice, and now he's going to have you roll the dice. Partake in a multiple choice adventure that explores this winter staple's origin story.
  5. Honestly, it's difficult to delineate the difference between someone dressed up as an animal versus one that is dressed up as an animal-related mythological figure. Is that a minotaur or someone dressed up as a cow? My two INF is that we shouldn't have tried to make that delineation in the first place. I was one of the other finalists with you and I adored the costume.
  6. Are there photos of the other finalists? I'd love to see some of the group shots -- I don't see a link.
  7. I've received a lot of great help for my arc; I figure I'll submit because who knows... If nothing else, I might attract more help and advice! The Reports of My Death Are Entirely Accurate (Arc ID: 34044). Every superhero has a story about how they died and were brought back to life. This one is yours. Global: @Peacock
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