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  2. Awesome, thank you for the info. Guess I know what my next alt will be!
  3. Hi Redlynne, Long time reader, first time replier. Do you think the Storm secondary could provide an interesting interaction with DS? Specifically, after slotting KB>KD IOs in some of the key damage powers, would it be possible to DS ghetto-hold some folks in a bubble of tornadoes, freezing rain, and lightning storm craziness? Admittedly, I've never played a /storm, but if this idea would work, I have so many visions of contained storm-chaos... like a snow globe of nature's fury.
  4. I want to thank everyone for this discussion. I made my first Dom after reading it and was able to grok the playstyle fairly quickly with all of this in mind. I have to say that it is quite fun.
  5. That's perfect, thank you! I usually try to find a build with decent defenses/resists, slap it in Mids/Pines, and then modify it rather than building from the ground up. It helps my process to see what someone else has done and work from there. Thank you again, this will do nicely!
  6. Hey all, I like to have a build on hand to tweak when I start something, but can't seem to find any Dark/Sonic builds anywhere. I've seen a couple of mentions in various threads but didn't want to necro them to build request. Anyone have a build they are using or have used and enjoyed? Thank you in advance!
  7. I like this idea. I think it and ideas like it (maybe with zones that are a little less popular/used) could be a first step to further integration of the sides. I have no idea about the amount of work that goes into a zone switch like this, but it would be a great start for implementing some of the most commonly mentioned ideas. I really think integration is the key to helping villain population without doing the drastic step of revamping the Rogue Isles themselves (which seems to be a very hard sell for those who love RI as it currently exists). I know that I would be one of the first to make
  8. I actually found it somewhat less immersive that this zone was considered so dangerous, but the contacts were just hanging out right there in it like they had plot armor so thick nothing could get through it. An airdrop into the hostile territory situation (by changing the entry to helicopters or boats) would make far more sense to me.
  9. I did not know these existed until MetaVileTerror mentioned them in another thread. I will take a look over the weekend and post my thoughts after. Thank you for doing this!
  10. I need to follow the **!!!** link and read what has been done/discussed, but I would greatly enjoy assisting in something like this on a writing level. I may not have any coding background (though I understand conditionals/variables fairly well), but I can edit sentence structure. If you have a list of forum names somewhere for people to recruit for your undertaking, by all means include me.
  11. I have not read everything here, but wanted to chime in with why I don't particularly like playing in Rogue Isles. Also, I'll add what, specifically, could be done to get me to play more villains (and even play in Rogue Isles). I played CoH beta, CoV beta, and played on/off the entirety of Live. I liked the Rogue Isles for the first maybe 10 levels. After that it just felt depressing to play in. It's chaotic, which would be fine if it was one or two zones, but almost every zone feels like the same sort of chaos with different names attached. I don't have villains in Homecoming (yet
  12. Decided to go all-in on the nrg/atomic variant here as I level (so taking powers a bit more randomly than what you mapped, but slotting the FF+Rec as I go). I team a lot so I went ahead and slotted a KB-KD in Torrent along with the proc. Just had to come on here after running Yin to say that this build is a monster. By the time the two scrappers had their initial targets down the only things left standing were the tanks. The addition of AM plus the performance shifter I happened to get from posi2 meant I never had a single end problem as we ran from one spawn to the next. Total TF
  13. Thanks for the reply and the link to the HC wiki, I did not know that existed!
  14. To piggyback on this with a quick question rather than create a new thread: Can you slot flight speeds in both fly and afterburner to get extra fly speed? How fast can you get with flying? Mostly asking because this game has the best flying feel of just about any game I've ever played. I don't take it on all my characters, but when I do I use it A LOT because of how awesome it feels (and faster is always better, right?).
  15. Thank you all. I think it'll be fixed once I have the influence to complete the build. I'm learning the ins and outs of the toggles as I play and all of your advice is very helpful. Just a small learning curve, but I think your comments have helped me with catching up.
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