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Hami Changes - End of the Zerg raid.


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Wanted to make sure as many people as possible see this.  The patch notes from this morning say that the Hive zone cap was set back to 50 the way it was back on Live.

Raids will have to go back to old school style with 1 league.  (Kill the mitos, damage Hami, kill the mitos, damage Hami, etc)

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On 9/10/2019 at 2:45 PM, Sidious said:

I've seen Zerg raids with 1 league.

It's not impossible.

Improbable, not impossible.

Zerg raids with one league requires planning, having everyone on the league know what they're doing, making sure everyone stocks up with Warburg Nukes and Shivans, and stuff like that.

It's basically a whole lot of extra work to shave a few minutes off of a hami raid.

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2 hours ago, Jolly Ogre said:

So how long do we have to log into the zone and wait until a raid starts? 30-45 min??


And how many times are they going to do this 1 time only or 3 in a row. and then are they going to change the start times?

Not entirely sure I understand what you're asking?

We're not changing the start times.  Everyone is used to 10pm EST now....and it seems to work well.  That's not stopping other people from running their own Hami raids at other times tho.

With the 50 player Hive zone cap now....this is a great opportunity for more raid leaders/hami tanks to step up as it's possible to have a hami raid going on in multiple hives now.

As far as how many times we do it....the first night of the new zone cap with still did it 3 times, just to prove that we could.

Last night we did it twice.  I don't plan to do less than 2 per night if I'm leading.

As far as how long you have to wait.....that's really not the problem here.  The biggest problem is now that there's a zone cap, you have to make sure to get there early, if you care about being able to get into Hive 1.

With that being said....we don't wait till 10pm EST anymore, even though that's the "official" start time.  We usually start once the zone fills and nobody else can enter.

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13 hours ago, Foxfyre said:

With that being said....we don't wait till 10pm EST anymore, even though that's the "official" start time.  We usually start once the zone fills and nobody else can enter.

I led 2 back to back raids last night, with a scheduled start time of 10pm Eastern. I think it was the previous night, I couldn't get in to the first run, despite being 30 minutes early. Last night, I had planned to lead three - but with the zone caps, (fewer people) it takes longer to clobber GMs and get Hami to spawn. That seems to be the biggest time sink - having to kill GMs for the EoE. 

I don't mind saying - standing on that big rock waiting for the league to form isn't my idea of time well spent. We only have so many hours of play time! But- there is an element of fun reading the teasing and jokes in broadcast. 

I used /search to check the hive population at 8:30pm Eastern - a full 90 minutes before scheduled start time - almost 10 people! Then I rechecked maybe 20 minutes later - and almost 30!

So, how would things have played out if the leader doesn't get into hive 1? I don't know. Guess I'd have had to wait for folks to get to hive 2...and not sure if that would've been a waiting game or not. Could be someone else would've stepped up for Hive 1, while I'm in Hive 2 waiting for a league to fill. As I mentioned - I don't like waiting. So, I entered at 9pm Eastern. The league filled at 9:28pm by my watch. 

I share these thoughts to give folks my thought process as to why a scheduled start time simply means "a latest start time" for me. 

If I'm scheduled to lead, it's my intent to begin when the league fills, as I see no reason to wait for the schedule start time, when it's clear nobody else can enter the zone. If there's a reason to sit around with a full league in a capped zone...I dunno what it is. 

If someone has a better way, I'm open to suggestions. 

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