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  1. You want DPS?? Just go Fire/Rad tollers. Even on SO's you get 2-3 together they are the best at everything, A team of 8 will destroy anything in the game, no other AT's needed. Nowadays any combo of any AT will do that with incarnates and IO's. So now DPS is moot.
  2. Hmmm... lets see? Cinder Decay Fire/Rad troller...my main and badger Cinder B Decay Fire/Atomic Blaster Cinder Br Decay Fire/Rad Brute Cinder C Decay Fire/Rad corr the evil Cinder Decay Cinder S Decay Fire/Rad Sent Cinder Sr Decay Fire/Rad Scrapper Cinder T Decay Fire/Rad Tank hmmm there seems to be a trend here.
  3. So is there any tweaks I can do for this build? Well this is the only way I know how to post this. Any suggestions? http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1515&c=719&a=1438&f=HEX&dc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
  4. Fire melee/ rad armor and not a farmer.
  5. So I am torn between a scrapper and a brute for a Fire/Rad build. Scrapper will do better burst dmg but the brute has better survivability. Give me some direction...other pros or cons that I may have missed.
  6. So I am torn between a scrapper and a brute for a Fire/Rad build. Scrapper will do better burst dmg but the brute has better survivability. Give me some direction...other pros or cons that I may have missed.
  7. pfft...my corruptor is Fire/Rad. The heal is for me not you. if you are close then you get it, but i am not going to chase you down. Like on my troller the heal is for my imps, but then i consider all my teammates my imps. I did not take a rez but i did take veng. again not for you but for me. I debuff for me, but you may get the side benefit, lucky for you!
  8. Ummm....just remember DPS means you are still standing doing the DPS. If you are face down your DPS is 0. Build for survivability too.
  9. Jolly Ogre

    AV/GM killer

    Ok I see all this talk about builds and such and while they look good on paper, how do they really work in the game? My Fire/Rad is a beast. I have soloed all the GM's and only Jack in Irons gave me some trouble but only a bit. I have soloed Sister Psyche TF and the Treespecs with no issues at all. The Shard TFs are a pain as you have to do all the hunts solo all over the place, and a team really helps that go faster. Now on a team, well you just make them your pets and you just hum right along. Kins and such can greatly boost dmg with FS but AM is more consistent and less likely to miss if the blaster goes in and nukes the group before FS goes off. Like I said on paper there may be better builds, however in real "in game" world play my Frad will roll all them over.
  10. Well he did not show up at all in my mission...just the girl showed up. edit: Well I got it. it seems you have to have done it at the same alignment as well.
  11. Frads are the Tank Mage of CoX!!
  12. yeah i was not that worried about the reward just that is it not working right.
  13. oh yes and none of the tanks on that one got the reward window.
  14. So on last nights hami raid I was part of the mito taunt tank team and for the 1st run all was ok. On the 2nd run myself and some of the other tanks did not get the reward table even though my combat logs showed I did dmg to hami. 3rd run just went in and beat on hami and got the reward. I sent in a ticket and this is the response. Hi Jolly Ogre, GM Miss has replied to your support request. Re: Hami raid Hey there, First of all, I want to let you know how sorry I am for your inconvenience - I know how frustrating it can be to work for something and not get the reward. Unfortunately, at this time we are not rewarding any lost merits, IO's, influence/Infamy, badges, etc. I am genuinely sorry for the inconvenience. If you think this was a bug, you can post over in our forums at: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/32-bug-reports/. --------------------------------------------------- Thank you, GM Miss Lead Game Master Just so you are all aware.
  15. Use flashfire and that will stun the bosses too. then when you jump in you just char the boss to death. be sure to put the lockdown proc in the cloud and bosses will be held too.
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