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  1. Well I do Catalyze the heal, res, and def, procs that I get at lvl 50 and put them in my base for my alts to be able to use them as they lvl up.
  2. Fire !!!! Let them burn Baby!!
  3. well they are and i am now badging on all my mains. My troller already has them now for my blaster, corr, sent, scrap, brute and tank. I think I might be insane!!
  4. I really don't understand the need for sustained AoE. With Ele/Shield you thunderstrike, lighting rod and shield charge and there is nothing left standing to AoE. The boss is there but single target is for him. When you are done with him and on to the next group everything is recharged. What is the problem?
  5. get some Diphenhydramine 25 mg as an IM injection and do a prednisone taper and you will be fine.
  6. Heh...Fire/Rad troller Every faction is the same. Hit them with flashfire and jump in with choking cloud and hot feet. Hit the AoE imob and then single target hold the boss. The imps will kill what is still standing in very short order. If you do this with more than 1 Frad it is overpowered when you get 4 together it gets really silly... a full team...well then its roll and burn mayhem baby!!
  7. Well what to pair with Fire...Rad of course. Its overpowered and who does not want to be overpowered. Besides it is fun to irradiated them and watch them burn. Frads FTW all the time. Trollers, Blasters, Tanks, Brutes, Srappers, Corr. All of them, nuke them till they glow and burn them to ash its the only way to be sure they are clean.
  8. I am Cinder... I am a Tank... I have it all...buh ha ha ha!!
  9. I am really torn between my Fire/Rad and my Rad/Rad. Which one would be best?
  10. And i am doing it again on my blaster now. yeesh!
  11. The reason I asked about doing it without AE is for those of us who can't dual box or have multiple accounts. I don't see how it's possible to lvl say a defender solo in 2 hrs or so in normal content. I wanted to know how fast are you able to do it without AE. But then again I see these new 50's and they don't know how to play. Even now last week I was with a lvl 50 blaster that did not know he could use t1,t2 blasts while mezzed.
  12. Ok?? But how fast can you do it without AE? That is a real test.
  13. Heh... you should see me on my Frad. I am a freaking tank mage with flaming monkeys of death. Choke and burn on it suckers!!
  14. Gah!!!...i missed last night. I had RL issues that took all day and was beat. I will be there for hami. But I will be on my Rad/Rad for that one.
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