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  1. It is as close as we will get. Unless they acquire the rights to the property.
  2. Jolly Ogre

    Hami Buds

    Just ran a Hami raid 3 times and only got credit for 11 buds total. The last run only got credit for 1.
  3. Yes and all in a Halloween costumes.
  4. If that is in fact the case then you have to do all IO sets that may be possibly slotted into the powers, not just what you "think" someone will slot. Some may slot for recharge, some may for procs, some for dmg. YOU do not know what or how they will slot. The ONLY way to have a fair and balance test is to just use SO's and then you still have the variations of how many of what is slotted.
  5. Umm...i have read all this and i am still not sure if all this testing was done correctly. These tests need to have been done with just even level SO's only. No sets, no accolades, no level shift, no outside pets. That is the only way to have a equal test of powers. And I have not seen how they have slotted the powers to get the kind of results that they are reporting. Can anyone verify that this was done properly?
  6. Well my 1st 50 was Cmdr. Tomalak back in the day raiding with Lost Elf, Gel and TaxE on Liberty. I have not remade him yet, but I did remake all the Cinder Decay's
  7. Oh I know. It's just people posting these speed runs like they are some big accomplishment, when they are not. Sure you can do them much easier now but saying "OMG look how good I am." is not the same big deal as it use to be. sarcasm (So you young whippersnappers git off my lawn.)
  8. That is the challenge. Getting the members on the team to work together. That was the main focus of CoH. Coming together and working as a team.
  9. Well that just sucks and takes the challenge out of it.
  10. I call cheats on Cavern of Transcendence [Karsis]: 2:44 with less than 8 teammates. last mish you need all 8 teammates to click at the same time.
  11. Yeah Frads hit a different game after 32...it is like everything cons grey...lol
  12. So how long do we have to log into the zone and wait until a raid starts? 30-45 min?? And how many times are they going to do this 1 time only or 3 in a row. and then are they going to change the start times?
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