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No the UI scale slider is different. My old toons can adjust the Window slider still but my new ones can only adjust this UI scale you speak of. The reason it is a problem is because the UI slider overlaps across my entire account, meaning if I make a new character, adjust the UI slider to where I like it, then later log one of my older characters, SHIT IS HUGEEEE and overlapping all over the place.


I would love a fix as well.

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Go to a character that has the settings that you want, type:





Then on each character created after using the above you "should" retain those settings. If you want to load those settings on characters created prior to using the above, type:





WDW is windows including scaling and opacity.

Chat is for Chat tabs/channels/etc.

Options is for everything else that isn't a bind or graphics/sound.


Binds can be saved or loaded with /bind_save or /bind_load again if you save a "default" with /bind_save new characters will inherit those keybinds.


Graphics and sound options are not stored in this way and must be managed through the registry (on windows, unsure how it works in Linux/Mac).


Lastly you can save/load specific files of any of the above by adding a _file <path>\<filename>.txt to any of the above (eg: /wdw_save_file D:\Games\Tequila\wdw-tiny.txt). This allows you to have character specific settings (if you want) or to have different windows layouts for example different screen resolutions.


Personally I have the load commands bound to a key so I can always revert windows positions/scaling, options changed for something like doing a TF or if I manage to delete a chat tab with a single keypress, (/bind <key> "wdwload$$chatload$$optionload$$bindload").

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