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I had to much time on my hands at work one night and got to thinking about powersets and the podcast I was listening to was talking about pro wrestling.  After doing very little research I had some ideas for a scrapper, brute primary and a tanker secondary.  The idea is out of my head, I leave it to people smarter than me to refine if they want or let it die on the vine here.


Level 1         Eye Poke        Low damage(dot) blindness  Low endurance


Level 2          Slap               Low damage, Knockdown, Low endurance


Level 3         Leg Sweep      Moderate damage, Knockdown, Moderate endurance


Level 4         Pumped Up     +dmg res, +movement, +dmg  Moderate endurance, Long Cooldown


Level 5         Elbow               High damage, Knockdown, +Stun  Moderate endurance


Level 6         Clothesline        Charge attack, high damage, Knockdown Moderate endurance


Level 7          Call-Out             Taunt


Level 8          Crossbody          Charge attack, Cone, Moderate damage, Knockdown  Moderate endurance


Level 9           Piledriver            High damage, Knockdown, +Stun  High endurance

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5 minutes ago, Yoru-hime said:

Can it be like TV wrestling and only do 5% of the damage it looks like it should? 😉


5% damage..

95% meme

Here's an ambitious idea. Lets just take Atlas City, replace Atlas with our Lord and savoir Recluse, tint the map evil and call it a day?

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