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Hide pet names entirely option.


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I'd like this option.  When trying to clean up my screen, I'd like to only see the name of my target.  I can turn off player names, my name, bad guys names.  Can't turn off pet names.  I don't understand why the original Devs thought not showing pet names only means you want the pets default name to show instead of whatever the player named it.  To me, it means the pets name, whatever it is, should not be visible at all. 


If someone in the Homecoming team could address this, I'd be very thankful.    

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2 hours ago, Lost Ninja said:

But.... but... but...


That would mean you don't get to see the incredibly thoughtful and insightful names I came up with for my Imps...


So yeah signed... 😄

In truth hidden names are not truly hidden, you can see them if you select the critter with the cursor, or hover on them, kinda like player character and enemy names for those who have the options hidden.


Ironically right now you can hide the custom names for critters, seeing only the generic names, but not the name tag. Personally I would love for pet names just to behave as player names.

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Upvoted as well. Pet names are incredibly annoying and there doesn't appear to be an option to disable them.


I'll also mention, pet health bars appear to be controlled by the Villain Health Bars setting, which is similarly annoying.

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