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Arcane Bolt vs. Project will


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I have a mind/emp. controller I made up mostly because I have a sentimental streak and he was one of the first guys I made back on live when the game first came out, even though I mostly solo and emp doesn't add all that much to levelling solo. And even now, groups don't really seem to have much need for buffs and heals at all. 


It is cool, though to have at least one character who is more group based.  But I need to take a pool attack, since this guy is achingly slow to kill stuff even with containment (which was a new thing for me btw) because that's how long it had been since I played the game. I took Flurry, mainly because that was what I took back in the day, and again, I am somewhat sentimental guy.


I had planned to take Arcane Bolt also, since it was the only ranged pool power attack (as far as I know) and it worked pretty well on my ill./rad. But the new "Project Will" power in the Force of Will pool seems to be a bit better, since it is mostly psychic damage (looks like 75% with containment). While Arcane bolt is all smashing with containment adding an equal amount of energy damage.


Both seem to do about the same damage and have the same chance to knock down.


Project Will seems to be the winner here but wanted to post a question and see if there was something I'm missing. Or, if there is another better power to take. Or, should I just wait and pick an Ancillary power attack, since those ALL look like they are better.

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I think preference should be based on other powers in the pool. If you want Rune, you take Arcane, if you want Unleash Potential, you take Project Will (or other powers in the pools you might want). If its strictly a choice between these 2 powers, I think it's close enough that its pick your poison. Without the power descriptions (not sure of City of Data is accurate) and details, it's hard to say for sure.

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as an additional option, they have buffed the fighting pool. both boxing and kick get better when you get the other, and .... umm... crosscut? i think it's called is a cone attack that also buffs either/both of the other two. it does allow for some viable attacks for trollers, though with this new will pool i'm going to have to respec my grav/kin, see if i can fit it in, i would have taken sorcery but the magical rune look didn't really mesh well.

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My Controller definitely benefited from taking Power of Will over Sorcery, to the point where even the default power customisation fits his colour scheme. I do miss the team utility that Sorcery's [Spirit Ward] had but considering he's primarily a debuffer, Power of Will's [Weaken Resolve] works mechanically with what I was going for too. Considering he has a strong -ToHit debuff power and he's mainly defense-based. the T5 [Unleash Potential] was the icing on the cake, offering a good minute of valuable DEF/regen/recov. The effects for Project Will seem better in my opinion, far more open to interpretation than the overtly magical looking rune effects.


I'll be honest, Power of Will was designed almost as if it were made for my Controller, fantastic work!

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