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  1. According to this thread, the issue could be there are no default binds for gamepads, which would explain why nothing worked. If it's true then it's still possible my friend can use a gamepad, but we'll have to look it over and try setting up the controls properly. Thanks for the link all the same.
  2. I managed to bring back a friend who was into City of Heroes, but after I discovered the recent issue added enhanced gamepad features to the game. He says that he would actually play City of Heroes a lot more if he could just play it with a controller instead of keyboard/mouse (I prefer keyboard/mouse but that's not the issue here). We got into the game and tried to test out our gamepads but no matter what we tried, our characters wouldn't respond at all, not even so much as a bit or movement. The game certainly detects our pads, my friend who has three connected to his PC said that the game was able to detect every single one. Even when we 'Apply'd the option none of the buttons or sticks would do anything, and holding down the triggers didn't even enable virtual mouse mode. So the game knows what controllers we're using but there's either something missing or we have to bind the buttons ourselves? There are no tutorials anywhere that we could find, and if there is I'd much rather someone 'uh, acksually' me a link to the guide so I can help my friend set up, I would like my friend to enjoy the game as much as possible with his preferred input type. A quick summary: Me and Friend got into game, both tried switching to our detected gamepads, pressed 'Apply' just in case, tried all face buttons, tilted and clicks in sticks, tried all shoulder buttons and triggers; ultimately nothing happened. Tried to find a tutorial somewhere, found nothing, looked up problem threads, found one with up to two people confirming that virtual mouse mode doesn't work, sounds broken, made a thread about it in relation to me and my friend.
  3. Are those Rikti boots on that Huge-looking Freakshow?
  4. Is this the issue where somehow the chance for secondary Interface procs being reliant on the first one passing before it would allow the second one to check? For instance if there's a 25% chance for proc 1 to trigger and 75% for proc 2 (so a lot of the Radial versions) if proc 1 failed it would not check proc 2? I'll be happy if it will allow each proc to activate individually instead of being reliant on the first one if that's the case, especially since a bunch of people said the former was intentional but the wording implies otherwise.
  5. I only have one Tanker and he's my first 50 since Homecoming, he's the one in my avatar (circa Febuary 2020). Invul/SS. Since hitting 50 I played with other characters and was absent for some time waiting on the changes, thankfully the changes went through and I notice the increased damage and areas of effect, especially with [Hurl] and [Force Bolt]. Feels even better to play than before and I already made him into a clicky juggernaut as it is!
  6. I keep Brawl on my tray1-slot1 even up to Lv50. At zero endurance cost it's perfectly good to use alternating between my normal powers and Brawl, especially on characters where Endurance becomes an issue. Lower DPS but better endurance management without having to idle as much. The fact that Scrappers get Critical hits on everything but Brawl seems weird considering how much I use it. As for whether it taunts, I'm not sure, there were Gauntlet changes recently and I'm not sure how that works yet. If it's global it should but otherwise non-Tank/Brutes might not get taunt with Brawl.
  7. Very simple suggestion this time. [Inherent.Brawl] doesn't seem to count for the Scrapper's AT inherent Critical Hit, even though practically every other power including power pools benefit from the proc. Solution: Make Brawl count for Critical Hit! That's pretty much it.
  8. I like this idea! That's all I can really say about it.
  9. As someone who has a Crab spider, I definitely want this as well. If anything, a sweep to check that all weapon-based sets have no-redraw options should be made to solve the problem once and for all. There's still gaps here and there.
  10. Oh! I suppose it was good she tried to do /something/ after the Sunset. I kinda drifted off into the ether (or rather, latched onto the next closest thing, Star Trek Online). Making a game is incredibly hard by yourself unless you are a multi-talented genius like TobyFox. I suppose that solves one personal mystery of mine, thanks for telling me Solarverse!
  11. The only meme I remember from the old CoH forums was Golden Girl's obsession with animated hair. Especially since a couple of specific NPCs had the cape-physics applied as a hairstyle. I wonder what happened to her...
  12. Ideally, our devs should take some time to finish off all the MinimalFX and NoRedraw powers that currently don't have them yet. MFX may be purely cosmetic but NR weapon sets can lose potential actions per minute because of animating delays.
  13. Island Resort zone, preferably with a genuinely sunny disposition instead of the gloomy 'ugh' that is the Rogue Isles. A part of the island for tourists and holidaymakers, another for those who live on the island, a part with natural wonders and unnatural dangers. Maybe a Volcano, maybe with other islands in the distance for that 'stranded on an island' sub-theme, no doubt with plenty of caves and instance doors of bad guys inside. Accessible via any place with a ferry/sub, entrance to the zone would begin at the Resort's port with cruise-ships and fishing boats docked. No war-walls but understandably there would be invisible walls if you fly too far out to the edges of the zone. Geographically this Island Resort could be located between Paragon and Rogue Isles as to give each locale fair distance from each other. Random heroes and villain NPCs to find as easter-eggs, maybe they have their own dialogue box where they explain they're on holiday and you should stop ruining theirs. A story arc that probably involves some kind of Island God awakening and trying to stop it from wrecking havoc on the world. Or for villains, trying to use this Island god's power for their own. Or for something completely different and novel, an arc that's dedicated to having your character's own holiday, that ends turning up to be more work than the brochure advertised.
  14. Generally the reason why 8-man teams tend to be easy is because the powers system relying on the fact that all/most effects including debuffs and buffs stack. Any team with enough buffs or the enemy with enough debuffs can end up making any fight rather easy. The reason that folks who are in 4-6-man teams finds more challenge is because there is potentially 1-3 less buff/debuffers in a team to skew the odds. And yes, even if a team is mostly made of melee/non-(de)buff types, the fact there's more people to beat on singular targets also makes it easier to wittle down mobs of any size and thus minimise the danger of the numbers being against you. The example I always used was in an 8-man team four were going to be the ones carrying the fight, 2 would be around for support and 2 would end up being stuck with clean-up including stragglers. 8-mans are good for XP but hardly the way the game was meant to be played. I would say that 5-6 is about as many people you can fit into a team before people start feeling superflous, six being a magic number for role distribution (divides neatly into 2-2-2, 4-2, 3-3, 3-2-1...ect). But considering randoms are in it for the XP, you're most likely not going to find <8-man teams unless it's with friends or an RP team that isn't stuck in the 8-man mentality as well.
  15. I felt the Staff-wielding Tsoo was amazing but then the Lt Ancestor Spirit was hella fragile and weak in comparison despite its size. I found that the Lt actually has less powers than the true incarnation of the mob, losing a lot of its CC which could have made it better overall. I think the Ancestor Spirit LT needs a buff and a fix.
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