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Hero Laws?


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It should also be noted that according to the text on one of those history plaques, the Might for Right act was overturned and is presumably no longer in force.


Looking through some of the other history badges, what I assume is the current law heroes operate under is the Citizen Crime Fighting Act, explained by the Student badge and referenced as being expanded to included officially sanctioned super groups in the Authority badge. As mentioned in one of the backstory articles on the old official site, registered superheroes have the same powers as normal police officers as far as investigating and arresting and such go, and are expected to operate under the same standards. See here: http://web.archive.org/web/20121025125053/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/game_info/history/paragon_city_founding_and_the.php. As for specifc registration requirements and procedures, other than that it's done at City Hall I don't believe any specifics have ever been defined.


Also worth mentioning is that the United Nations has a Special Council of Super Human Activities, as told by the Historian badge. If I remember rightly Vanguard is also overseen by the UN, possibly by that council but I'm not sure.

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